Unimaginable: Existence contains discrete entities? Space, force, polarity?
We do not have any information. In the remote future, there will surely be information.
Could the people 5000 years ago understand the nature of colors if they didn't know what electricity, magnetism, light were? Do we know now? A possible answer could be reflected by the known part of the existence-vector. The multitude of vectors is the notion of field (fluen), with the hypostases electric field, magnetic field and gravitational field.
The difference between these hypostases consists in the orientation of the vectors. Thus by modifying the orientation the hypostasis changes. The field passes into the hypostasis of electric, magnetic, gravitational field and viceversa, gravity-magnetism-electricity. There are no "borders" between the hypostases. The passings from one hypostasis to another by the continuous modification of the orientation, are oscillations (space, time, forces, energy, polarity - time) and occur at the speed of light.
These "passings" are the ascertained disturbances, the cause of the functioning of the stationary and travelling oscillators (waves). They are the phenomena of absorption and emission (induction). Stationary oscillators associate in structures (elements) in solid, liquid and gaseous states. Their stability oscillates between the hypostases of electricity and magnetism (electromagnetism).
The travelling oscillator "does not move as a fire ball". What propagates is only the information, the orientation of the oscillator vectors, which induce their hypostasis in the disturbed field, continually repeating the wave length in the direction of the propagation. The wave length is joined with the frequency, imposed by the limit of the reaction speed between the vectors - "c".
It is understood by all means, that the disturbed field, "the carrying medium" is the hypostasis of gravity of the fluen, modulated by the other two hypostases, electricity and magnetism, specific of the oscillator.
We know the interpretation of gravity from Kepler, Newton and Einstein (the movement of the planets). We know the interpretation of ether from Oersted, Faraday, Maxwell and Hertz (electricity, magnetism, waves).
We cannot mistake the electric field for the magnetic, gravitational or ethereal one.
However, fluen proves to us that the existence-vector is the unique essence of the hypostases electricity, magnetism, gravity and of their interactions! Thus, if the vector unifies the phenomena (forces) which are unmistakable, then also space, force and polarity have the same unique essence - the variation of space! The existence-vector is the variation of space itself! How? It is unimaginable!