Alternative to the concept of matter.
The universe shown to our senses are continuous interactions of vector energy,
in forms we call matter and force field. We ourselves are a complex of
oscillatory vector interactions, called tissues and organs, which make up
functional, autonomous organisms. We evolved through natural selection,
becoming intelligent beings. The social and intellectual development of
intelligent beings, the feelings of compassion and the desire to live, have
changed the course of social development. The line of development has
become comfort and well-being, without thinking about the consequences
of this way of development, on the planetary environment in which we live.
Intelligent beings have completely abandoned natural selection, on the contrary,
they have created special hospitals to repair the congenital infirmities of newborns.
Banks of internal organs appeared, to prolong life through transplantation.
This state of social development has a historical tradition, since planetary
phenomena, storms, lightning, earthquakes, were absolutely unknown.
The human settlements, having social structures based on the supremacy of
force, saw supernatural forces in the planetary phenomena and created the
religious cult. The religious cult developed institutionally and obviously still
exists today, because it was the source of people's education and scientific
knowledge about nature. The drama of scientific culture is that it is not clear
even in the present, what is energy, matter and the field of forces and as a result,
what is the source of lightning, earthquakes and terrestrial magnetism.
Energy is a concept, an elementary form of thought, i.e. nothing existing.
There is only matter and force field (gravity).
Definition: Energy is a function of state, the scalar measure of the motion of
matter. The force field is a "special" form of matter existing in space and time.
The force field refers to gravity, about which nothing is known. Childish
experiments show that the rubbed matter produces "force fields", positive or
negative polarizations, which attract or repel each other. The study of these
electrical phenomena constituted the field of electrostatics. Even after
Faraday's induction and Edison's achievements, the electrical phenomenon
was not understood. The definition of energy was copied (plagiarized),
inventing "electric charges" and electric current. Electric charges "work"
even now, because the electric phenomenon was developed only empirically,
the interpretation being adapted later. The false success of the electron gave
free rein to plagiarism, for the interpretation of still unknown phenomena, causing
a state of confusion in physics. There is a "fissure" in the nature of matter.
Polarizations of "matter", force fields and their electric and magnetic oscillations,
cannot be interpreted by electric charges and are considered a "special" form
of existing matter in motion. It is the obvious interpretation of kinetic energy
as a form of matter. That's right, but energy is not a form of matter, but matter
is a form of energy! Kinetic energy is exactly the "material" structure that
emitted the force field. Another fissure is the concept of particle-wave
dualism, in which Louis de Broglie asserts that any moving particle also has
a wave behavior. Broglie's statement suggests that matter appears to be kinetic
energy! Broglie's suggestion was used in the wave-particle sense. The photon
and the electron are particles invented after the realization of the phenomena,
in the absence of alternatives, now refuted by the alternative of vector energy.
Matter itself is the structure of vector energy.
A wall is a structure of bricks. The movement of the wall does not produce
bricks, but it can be decomposed into bricks, just as matter is decomposed
into vector energy. The production of electricity is maintained at the level of
Faraday's induction, involving a chain of activities and transformations.
Minerals incompatible with the atmospheric environment are extracted from
the depths of the earth's crust, which in reaction with atmospheric oxygen
turn into pressure. The pressure sets a turbine in motion to spin a generator,
which ultimately induces the orientation of the electrical polarities of the atoms
of a coil. It would be normal for this procedure to remain a memory.
Let's remember the transition from the vacuum diode, to the tiny p-n
junction between two crystals, or the transition from the apparatus with
electronic tubes to that with integrated circuits. The galena detector was the
diode created by Jagadish Chandra Bose. The leap for electricity was the
creation of Alessandro Volta - the Volta battery. The battery of voltaic
elements is not an electric generator, it is an electric polarized capacitor,
which fills up when it empties It would be ideal for the polarization to
remain full, or to empty very hard. Such ideal phenomena are astronomical
structures, stars, planets. For me, a solid battery is achievable, with
the atoms of elements, using other technology. Details are for solid state
battery manufacturers. The electric (electromagnetic) phenomenon is a
vector energy structure, orthogonally closed electric and magnetic circuits.
In this structure, the electric circuit are the vector polarities of the atoms,
oriented in the direction and sense, by the pressure (tension) of the magnetic
circuit. Electricity is simply this state of orientation of the vector polarities
of the atoms, as in the Volta cell, without current, without electric charges.
The structure of the electromagnetic phenomenon at the astronomical level
is the same. The sun is a clear example of the organization of vector energy
in orthogonal circuits. The state of kinetic energy of the orthogonal, electric
and magnetic circuits, generates through the attraction of the vector polarities,
the transformation of the dimensions of the circuits into density, pressure
which increases inversely proportional to the radius. The phenomenon is
Newton's gravity, in which the attraction of the atoms at pile, generates
spherical pressure, forming the heavy mass, with the interpretation of the
effects. So, the increase in the density of vector circuits within a radius of
700 thousand Km, towards the center, produces the internal structure of the sun.
In the photosphere, the pressure amplifies the interactions of the substance,
the temperature, then the pressure gradually dampens the oscillations of the
substance, toward the center the pressure decomposes the substance, which
is assimilated into the density of the electric and magnetic circuits. The electric
circuit condensed to the maximum possible density, becomes a solid body,
impenetrable for the magnetic field as well, without oscillations and obviously
zero Kelvin. The substance, the matter, the oscillations were thus transformed
into potential vector energy. To understand these transformations, a sense
of measure is needed, as it is about the increase in pressure over a radius of
hundreds of thousands of Km, not on the p-n junction.
Existence is vector energy.
Vector energy interactions form the notions:
matter, force, space and time, which make up the universe.