The chain of the phenomena
The functioning of stars interpreted vectorally reveals simplicity and coherence
We analyze the functioning of the planet earth and find that it rotates around its axis.
The rotation of the planet generates the EM field,
and the EM field generates the rotation of the planet, starting from its limits.

The product between mass and rotational speed directs space vectors, forming electric current with the plus to the West.
The Oersted experiment has shown the existence of magnetism around the current.
The vectorialy currents around the planet are the cause of planetary magnetism.
Earth's electric and magnetic field produces EM force - gravity
The solid sphere of earth and the EM force (which is orthogonal polarized vector space),
are two entities in mutual interactions.
The migration of the poles is relative, "migrate" may be in the coordinates of the solid sphere movement!
So the electric field and the magnetic field (the polarized space), cover the solid sphere with EM force.
This force, at any geographic point, is oriented towards the center of the planet.
The EM field interacts centripetally with the speed of light.
Centripetal interaction is a concrete force of pressure, compared to
the force of "universal attraction," which is subjectively attributed to static mass.
Apparently, the EM field is static, because we do not perceive the speed of light.
We observe however, the accelerated motion of the substance, but we do not understand here either, why.
At scale the tower of Pisa, the bodies are accelerated the same way.
At the cosmic space scale, the particles reach incredible speed and for this reason we consider them "cosmic radiation".
We notice that the acceleration ceases when the substance touches the earth and we do not understand that acceleration continues to the center of the planet, converted into pressure, weight.
Thinking thus, I discovered with great amazement that the centripetal acceleration produces yet another phenomenon,
as important and hidden as the acceleration itself.
Passing through the substance at the speed of light, the substance is polarized electrically in the direction of the acceleration to the center of the planet and produces radial electrical potential REP.
The effects of PER are those phenomena that until now were inexplicable:
auroras and temperature in the ionosphere; lightning; earthquakes; volcanism; the hot core of the planet and,
in particular, solar activity (star energy).
Existence, nature, represent interdependent vector interactions - energy:
- Continuous interactions - centripetal / centrifugal / rotary
- Oscillatory interactions - elements, "matter"