The corpuscular theory of matter, now the corpuscular model of matter, has a long history.
Since ancient times, Democritus discovered the idea of the atom.
Aristotle said that matter is composed of four elements: earth; the water; air and fire.
Since then, knowledge has developed with the belief that matter exists
in the form of corpuscles to this day, each phenomenon had to be composed of atoms.
Knowledge evolved from the elements of Aristotle to Dalton,
who identified the gas atom experimentally.
The surprise came from the discovery of the negative electricity atom and its positive armchair.
The atom of electricity paved the way for the discovery of elementary particles.
In 1905 Einstein proposed the dualism of light, to explain
the photovoltaic phenomenon, the light atom being called the photon.
Louis de Broglie generalizes corpuscle-wave dualism to all material particles.
More specifically, the wave is simultaneously both the corpuscle and the wave.
Historically, the fundamental state of existence is expected to be the wave, the energy.
Applying the corpuscular interpretation in knowing the internal structure of the sun,
it was estimated that the sun's core has a temperature of 15 million degrees Celsius.
Applying the vector interpretation, we discovered that the solar nucleus
has a temperature of munus 273 degrees Celsius and that he,
the nucleus is the electrical circuit that generates the magnetic field of the solar system.
This discrepancy clearly shows that one of the two interpretations is wrong.
Thorough analysis of the modes of interpretation will follow
and only their arguments will decide which interpretation is wrong.
The result of the corpuscular interpretation is the consequence
of the interaction of the phenomena inside the sun,
according to the forces of gravitational attraction between the atoms.
The result of vector interpretation is the consequence of the interpretation
of the phenomena inside the sun, by the interactions of energy with vector properties.
When one of the two interpretations disappears, the phenomena of nature will not change,
only in our minds the phenomena will be or will not be clearer.