The energy of the vector space
Space energy is a vectorial interaction (electromagnetic force).
Vectorial interaction has a specter of sizes from cosmic to nuclear.
Vectorial interaction is centripetal itself and generates oscillators - hydrogen.
Centripetal vectorial interaction gathers hydrogen in ball objects - stars.
Stars, their rotation movement, reject each other.
Planetary Magnus Effect
We find that planets as well in conjunction dynamically perturb - reject each other.
Such facts are consequence of the relation between their centripetal interactions.
- Planetary Magnus effect (with double interaction, centripetal and centrifugal) -
The planetary Magnus effect produces a slight centrifugal acceleration (system dilation),
which increases with the ray of orbit therefore, with weakening of the centripetal acceleration.
For example, "red stain" in relation to Jupiter, planets in stellar systems,
stars in galactic systems and galaxies in universe system.
The variation of centripetal interaction is the balance between contraction and dilation.
Centripetal interaction
Centripetal interaction ("gravitational attraction") represents parallel and variable currents,
which accelerate centripetall all the aggregation states of substance.
The action of such acceleration produces specific effects in each and
every aggregation state of substance, light speed passes by.
Acceleration compresses (pressure) and polarizes (ionizes) substance.
Such effects lead to local generation of centripetal interactions, little known :
1) in the high terrestrial atmosphere, polarization and polar auroras (ionosphere)
2) in the low atmosphere, thunders and lightning (electric arc)
3) in the lava gases, earthquakes (interpreted as "movements of tectonic plates")
4) in the lava and core, heat (we know nothing, but we do know the eddy flow
and the thermal effect of the flow, with other interpretations).
Specific to such interactions are there radiation specters.
1) optical and thermal 2) from optical to acoustic 3) from optical to mechanical 4) optical and thermal.
Centripetal interactions are (in secret), "the cosmic rays", "the nuclear reactions" and "gravitational attraction".
Only a lightning, causes in chain, billions of billions of centripetal interactions !!!