Reason and spirit
The hydrogen molecule consists of two hydrogen atoms. The atomic fluenic model, the double-tor oscillator, is more than compatible with the understanding of the presentation.
Therefore, the connections of the two molecule oscillators are functional, organic links, as they oscillate in synchronism and depend on each other. Their link is spirit, life. By disassociating the two oscillators, there disappears the connection, spirit, life of the molecule.
Atoms can link in large number, composing complex structures. Peter Debye studied the vibrations of atoms in crystals. He found that atoms vibrate in synchronism and that crystal vibrations are sensitive to exterior actions, making "waves" (phonons), like liquid waves or sound waves.
Spirit is the property of space, of connection, assembly, functional organization of vectors, by force and polarity, in substance property structures.
Substance is spirit and is organized in more and more complex structures, climaxing with neuronic structure, with analysis properties on existence itself - reasoning.
The human brain is a substance structured identical for all individuals.
The essence of the brain is reason, analysis structure of information HOSTED in memory and brought here by the sense organs. Information is frequencies in the optical and acoustic field. They convey and are memorized, frequencies, oscillators. The writing and reading phenomenon is of course the resonance phenomenon - doubling the amplitude of coincidental frequencies. Consciousness is a resonance. Memory must be a structure of fixed oscillators, able to keep the "print" of information (memorizing).
Self knowledge, EGO, is memory, the user of the sense and communication organs.

Memory is personality, is variable of spiritual structure.
Memory is the lab of evolution.
Why in the human being?
As, human being is the climax of existence!
There is a limit?