The hierarchy of existence
1 - Existence vector ==> structures of existence vectors ==> oscillators
2 - Oscillator ==> structures of oscillators ==> atoms
3 - Atom ==> structures of atoms
- nebulae
- stars
- galaxies
- …

1 - Existence vector.
We only perceive the space properties of the vectorial field - the void space, the ether.
On the orientation interval from antiparallel to parallel, vectors exercise their properties of polarity and force, in the tendency to return to the neutral orientation. In this interval, vectors have the orientation of a force field - FLUEN. We know it as magnetism and electricity for their effects, or electromagnetism, for their interdependency.
2 - Oscillator
The existence of the oscillator is the existence of the substance properties - the hydrogen atom.
The existence of the oscillator is the functionality - the spirit of the properties of vectors.
When the spirit disappears, the vectors of the oscillator become neutral again - void space.
The oscillator is spirit! - The substance is spirit!
If the properties of the oscillator are the functionality of the properties of vectors, we can think that also the properties of vectors are in their turn the functionality of something inaccessible to our perceptions.
Induction. The oscillator is included in the vectorial field - in space. The variation of the amplitude of oscillations is an extension/contraction of the polarized contour, in the neutral vectorial field - polarization/neutralization/polarization/neutralization/ …
Thus, dilatation / contraction = fluen/ether/fluen/ether …
Fluen does not travel! Fluen propagates its polairty! Information travels, with the speed "c" - induction. Just like the waves and the electric current propagate.
Maximum limit. When the polarity of the oscillator absorbs "another polarity", the two polarities are compounded and the amplitude of the oscillation increases over the maximum limit and a travelling oscillator is detached by induction - a wave is emitted.
Minimum limit. It is the amortization of oscillations, until the two tores have vectors with totally closed polarities, thus without forces - locked oscillator (neutron).
- All the properties of substance are fluen hypostases.
- All the natural phenomena are fluen interactions.
- Nature is ephemeral existence.
- Nature is time!
- Time is existence! (the measure of existence - life)

Space without impurities
How do I see space? Space is existence. Space is finite, homogenous, and discreet, although with a structure, tridimensional and has no time dimension.
Its properties are proven as well by light propagation.
Space has multiple interpretations type "field". The most eloquent example is ether.
Ether is interpretation of space
The affections of ether are properties of space. Space is "neutral field", which can be polarized, like an insulator can be "electrified". Space polarization is the fundamental phenomenon which adds to existence the time dimension and the substance affections:
elasticity, toughness, interaction etc.
polarized space is "mobile space" in fixed space, it is part of.
Polarized space is FLUEN.
All laws of dynamics can be explained by the mobility of the polarized space.
Earth, sun, galaxy, universe, all are polarized space in perpetual motion (Mach).
Therefore, there are no reference, fixed space, between the arms of the Michelson interferometer. Fixed space does not exist!

The two antagonistic curves in the attached drawing represent the speed of rotation movement in the solar vortex, but also have other interpretations. As for example, the black curve expresses as well the action of polarized space (electric and magnetic), with huge centripetal forces and their effects.
The blue curve also shows the effects of centripetal forces - radiations and their effects.