The table – the structure of the matter – at the end of the paper, is a synthetic image of the evolution and of the organization of the matter, outlined by the demands of the atomic model of fluen. The description of this table starts from easy to complex, beginning from the field state of the matter. From the field state, because, at least theoretical, any atomic particle might be transformed into field, that means in vacuum. Thus, the table includes three columns, A, B, C and seven rows.
In column A there are illustrated the „typical" hypostasis of fluen, the entire table being hypostasis of fluen.
In column B there are mass aspects of the hypostasis in column A. If in column A there are considered „the individuals", in column B there are lots of them, the population. Column C reveals the relations appeared in column B, as „ambient" environment with a modelling contribution in the evolution to the complex of matter.
These levels of the „ambient" become in column C „dialog planes" between entities and represent the essence and evolution of spirit.
The table allows even from the beginning, at the level of columns, multiple interpretations.
Thus, column B might be considered the „laboratory" where appears the novelty in the organization of the matter. This novelty is registered as entity in column A. The appeared novelty is implied in the ambient, with the own „fingerprint", that shall mean at its turn a novelty in ambient, a new „type of connection" that shall be registered in column C.
Or, else said, the population in column B is implied the realization of a climate, an environment or an ambient, formed at its turn by the orientation and dynamics of the disturbances of the surrounding fluen, with determined role at the evolutive organization of matter. This ambient means in other words, magnetic, electric fields, temperatures, pressures, etc.
These last notions do have other interpretations in the hypothesis of fluen. Let´s make the remarks for each position:
Position A1 is vacuum, or the hypostasis of the matter´s field, fluen with the above shown properties and is the departing point in this appreciations. The fluenic field isn´t a „notion", a „hypothetic field", it is an objective reality, vacuum that might become what we name matter, the way that, what we name matter might be transformed into field. Conventional to this field is only the name. It might be named informational, tensorial, etheric, vacuum field, etc. The fluenic field in this vision stretches endlessly and is, if not synonymous, at least parallel with the infinite. It is the vacuum that might not be dislocated or compressed, but that might be directed or disturbed. It is the field really existing everywhere, where the electromagnetic spectra manifest itself. The phenomenon that develop in this field leave no place to the notion of density. The constant speed of light „c" – of the propagation of fluens´disturbances – is a reflection of the properties and of its homogenous, discontinuous and universal structure.
Fluen includes in its properties all needed information for the organization of the observable matter.
In B1 we register the existence of fluenic formations, nucleons, electrons, waves. < The nucleon is the only stable particle. The other elementary particles are interpreted like unstable „phluenic" formations. The electron being an unstable „phluenic" formation, it merely looses the qualities with that it is accredited. In B 1 we have nucleons and waves. Nowadays, all physical electrotechnical and electronical phenomenon are interpreted with the help of the electron. Thus, the experiments of Stephen Gray, the phenomenon discovered by Oersted and Faraday and, generally the phenomenon bound to electricity, have lead step by step to the elaboration first of all to the imaginary one, of elementary particles, responsible with the evidence of phenomenon, thus being misunderstood. The electron is situated at the base of any interpretation of electric phenomenon and is „endowed" with multiple properties, sometimes unclear, mysterious ones. Could this be the particle „screen" behind that there are the real phenomenon? In this situation the interpretation of the fundamental physical phenomenon, regarding the role of electrons is completely changed. Here isn‘t ignorance or absurdity. There is opening an alternative, an interpretation of phenomenon imposed by the hypothesis of the „phluenic" model of the atom, in a simple and natural way. Attention! The phenomenon are concluded events.
The alternative strictly refers to their interpretation.>
 The type how the passing over from A1 to B1 was done, remains a mistery that enters into the area of the interpretation of „big bang".
The qualities and properties of fluenic formations are qualities and properties of fluen, induced in the hypostasis of fluenic formations. Once with the fluenic formations, we enter the area of classical notions, we speak now about the number of formations in the volume unit, that is the density in the known meaning, the mass, energy, mechanics, movement, etc.
The mass of nucleon is the quantity of fluen´s orientation in the two cires, that take their form and size according to the properties of fluen, being also potential energy, that has permanently the tendency of decompose, of slacking. But, when a core slacks, the other one concentrates, what means that maintaining the fluen´s orientation in a core by the other maintains a characteristic vibration.
If the potential energy is the keeping of the orientation quantity of fluen, the kinetic energy is the change of fluen´s orientation, at any level the matter´s organization would be developed and at any frequency. Or, when there appears the smallest change of the orientation of fluen´s components (an energy quantum?), it influences the orientation of fluen step by step to the infinite.
Thus, disturbing information is initiated, sent and received exclusively by the phenomenon of change for the fluen´s orientation. The fact that the reaction speed belongs exclusively to fluen, (fluen´s components) and like in universe fluen is really discontinuous and homogeneous, is reflected in two sizes of disturbance at the light´s frequency. The constant and the speed limitation „c".
The constant = homogeneity; Limitation = discontinuity, for sending information there is needed a minimum of time for the reaction.
As it is remarked, the two components of the electromagnetic field are recovered merged in the fluen´s notion. We don´t speak any more about special fields, magnetical, electrical, mesonical and even gravitational ones, we speak about manifestations and hypostasis of the same field – fluen.
Dividing (imaginary) a fluenic core, we´ve divided the circuit of a „magnetic" field and we have a North pole and a South pole. The „electric" polarity of an atom might be a fluenic monopole (magnetic ones), with the known manifestations. As well, „the four forces of the nature" can´t be anything else as levels of manifestation for a single force of nature – the fluenic force.
The cold and warm notions are phenomenon that are bound to relations between fluenic formations through the fluenic field. A formation that is situated in the state of fluenic disturbance generator suffering an amortization of own vibrations „feels cold". Another formation that is situated in the disturbed field and in its account amplifies its own vibration „feels warm". Only traffic of energy!
C1 is a consequence of the phenomenon from B1. In the motionless and infinite fluenic field, in an infinitesimal space, the field particles are set, ordered, in a perfect agreement with its properties, like in a real „knot of the infinite".
The existence of some fluenic formations means in fact the existence of the nucleons, electrons and implicit of waves.
Waves, or the disturbances of the fluenic field are produced by the vibrations of the nucleons and electrons, in their tendency to come back to the field state.
The relations between these three types of fluenic formations are in fact the making evidence of the properties of fluen, the source of all phenomenon and laws of the matter, the cause or the „calling" to organization toward the matter‘s complex. The fantastical and incredible conclusion is that the apparition of these formations doesn´t lead implicitely to the apparition of density in the fluenic field!
In other words, the density „the weight" of a nucleon doesn´t consist in the crowding of more components of fluen, but only in their density of orientation in the direction and sense of direction!
This orientation must be the force that calls to association, the attraction force that we call in some cases weight or mass.
In C1 we have the first ambient, the first and the most powerful calling to association between the formations – nuclear force or the nuclear energy. The ambient C1 is the „start", the source of the spirit whose evolution is emphasized in column C.
In A2 we go over a first hypostasis of fluen, the most stable formation – the nucleon, that might generate hyspostasis of nuance for fluen, the electric field, the magnetic field, the gravitational ones and waves.
Thus the „substance of the electric, magnetic, gravitational field and even of the nucleon is the same – fluen. The „shackling" of the orientation in direction and sense of fluen in the nucleon, grants to it the force, the connection energy proven by experiment. 
The population of the hypostasis of fluen in A2, gets in B2 the name of plasma. In plasma there take place reactions of association and dissociation of fluenic formations, that amplify the ambient mentioned in C1, named energy. The ambient in B2 meens conditions of association of the nucleons in new entities – the atoms. The square B2 might be also named „the factory for the fabrication of atoms".
The fundamental fluenic formation, „trap of the orientation of fluenic field" or „junction of the infinite" or coupled orientation of fluen, the way it has been shown, has a certain space configuration, determined by the properties of fluen. This real „hairdo" is the same for all nucleons. In fact, the nucleon is only the fluenic hairdo, that trembled like a fork in its tendency to unbind itself.
This configuration, together with its own resonance, means the „dowry" of ambient with that the hydrogen is presented in all its combinations, means the information for recognizing the „password" suitable to the nucleons at their organization level.
From the combinations of the nucleons in the nucleus of elements there shall result the configuration of polarity, „topographical haridressing" specific for each element, information with that they shall enter in cristaline structures or cell texture. It has to be remarked that in this hypothesis, the elements, the atoms aren´t bound one to another by means of electrons, but by the polarity of nucleons.
The information for recognizing, the „password" is thus suitable to each element, like to each level of the organization of the matter and forms the „criterion of natural selection".
C2 shows the nuclear connections stable at different levels – the elements – with a new ambient, weaker in intensity as in C1, but with new features that do also mean a call to connection, but with new possibilities, with new conditions determined by the number and the topography of the points of connection, suitable to each element and by the richness of generated harmonics. This ambient and the topographical points for connection might be factors that condition and establish the distances of connections between atoms. The ambient represents the dynamics of the surrounding fluen, the premises of the echo of the intra- and extraatomical activity, of permanent and ephemeral forces that pulse in the atoms of the elements and disturb fluen to the infinite. This, the „ambient", is the „aura" that joints each fluenic formation, so each atom or group of atoms is the area and the centre through that last multiple dialogues between that what we call material forms.The ambient, being a variable parameter plays the role of the „command element" for atomic connections on different levels of the matter´s organization. The ambient means kinetic energy.
The atom of the elements together with „qualitative accumulation" do we simply pass to A3, like a new hypostasis of fluen.The apparent simplicity of atoms in A3 not only reveal the potentiality of some complex combinations, but also the rules of their interactions, the laws of chemistry, of physics and of mechancis
The population of elements in the square B3 show their splendour at cosmic sizes, under the form of star bodies and planets, where their „behaviour" at cosmic scale, show that the „dialogue" between material forms is also perfectly kept at this scale.
Among these bodies, the planets are the forms that allow the continuation to complex for the evolution of matter. Their „privileged conditions", being nothing else as the fulfillment of the ambient needed for the realization of the „call" to connections even complexer between the atoms of the elements.
In B3 there appears a new way of the matter´s aggregation, different from the one of crystals, the way of harmonic, functional connections, strictly dependent from the parameters of the ambient, having as result a new entity – the cell.
Let´s try to punctuate a possible alternative for passing to the live structure of matter, offered by the fluenic atomic model.
A general characteristics of atomic structures is vibration. The way the connection of nucleus with electron establishes a permanent movement of approach or distance, the electron is situated in a permanent vibration to the nucleon, the connections between the atoms of a crystal shall as well establish a continuous vibration. These vibrations reflect the „range", the tolerance of the structure´s stability.
When the ambient is „poor", the surrounding kinetic energy is small, the vibration being diminished and the stableness increases. To the contrary, when the ambient is „rich" the vibration increases and seeks to break the connections, to the decomposition.
The phenomenon is well known and used in technology.
But also other states of aggregation of the matter are consorted by this phenomenon. This makes us suppose that between the five basic elements of the structure of living, this phenomenon shall function in very large limits, from simple vibrations, to changes of connections, the phenomenon being strictly mediated by ambient, by the kinetic energy, with establishing role in the living structures.
Under these conditions, the ambient and the connection forces are interconditioned at local level (at rich ambient the connection forces of connection decrease and vice versus), forming a real „biological pump".
„Here" must be situated the „play for life and death" – the motor of living.
Even if these „bio-oscillators", groups of elements with interconditioned changes, more easier with „harmonic connections", seam to have oscillations of the type „maintained" and that the impulse or factors that maintain the oscillations „and take them" out of the group, time, duration of oscillations is limitated.Bio-oscillators with their harmonical connections might form the „bricks" of the cells building. As well, it could also be what we name amino-acids, enzymes, viruses etc.
C3 is the plus of ambient formed in B3, harmonical connections or the dialogue of the state of the matters´living.
A crystal appears at first with a start, like an „embryon", „feeds" itself and „grows" by adding atom with atom, after a „plan" dictated by the starting atoms, having as information, the properties of atoms. According to the features of fluen, living isn´t a „spontaneous" apparition and not the product of an „intelligent" one, it is only the evolution of the matter´s structure. The living might be the balance state of harmonical connections, with controlled stableness of the ambient. Bio-oscillators and then the cell got entities in the building of live texture, the way the atoms of the elements are entities in the construction of the cristalline structure building.
But, during the time that crystal adds its already existing atoms, the cell is „manufacturing" the entities by reproduction, the needed information being especially of inner nature.
That´s how in A4 we have another hypostasis of fluen, the cell. The fundamental entity of complex structures of living, the cell, has its own life, an limitated existence and before all the capacity of reproduction. We remark that life is a „wave", a „relay race" in continuous repetition.
Apparently, life is everlasting, in fact the everlast is only a „method", the wave, everlasting are only the fundamental properties of material structures, but entities, the substantial life buildings, the creatures are obvious ephemeral.
In B4 the lots of cells and their properties make possible the association and their specialization, the forming of new entities, textures, that shall form at their turn living organisms, plants.
The apparition in B4 of some new entities, the plants meant the space „enlarging" of the ambient where they develop themselves, in dry, wet, warm, cold, dark, bright environments, etc.
The stimulus of these environments formed the conditions, the ambient, the dialogue that established the development and diversification of plants. The most „positive" stimulus have proven as being water, warm and light.
As we have already said, light and heat are disturbances of fluen, kinetic energy, while water is the medium that carries material entities, atoms and their combinations.
In A5 we have the hypostasis of the vegetal complex organism, the plant, with differentiated, specialized organs – the root, the trunk and the leafs.
The population of plants in B5 is represented by the vegetal kingdom. Step by step, the vegetation expands from water to soil, improves the ambient, stimulated by light and by the water´s circulation, forms the fertile soil and dresses the planet with a new cloth – the biosphere. Actually this planetary „cloth" is a new level, a new stage of organizing the matter, the dynamic, cyclic, oscillatory stage, with new combining possibilities, with new „calls" to the complex organization of the matter.
The morphological diversity and the variety of plants, adds their relations with natural stimulus, a new type of relations, result of the „density" of vegetal organisms, relations between individuals and especially between species.
The result of the life together of the population in B5, transforms the reaction of the response to nature´s stimulus, as a natural succession in the evolution of the matter´s organization – the animal organism.
The qualitative jump realized in B5, the apparition of the animal organism „endowed" with senses might be compared with the structural jump of matter, from the inert form to the living matter. The development of the sense organs of the animal organism, as response to the permanent challenge of the natural stimulus meant not only the integration of animals into their live environment, but also the needed conditions for further evolutions, in fact a qualitative amplification of the ambient.
And that´s how in A6 appears a new entity, the hypostasis of fluen, the animal organism, in continuous evolution and adaptation to the environment, with specialized locomotion organs, for the protection and orientation, the animal organism tends to the domination of the planet.
The population of these organisms forms in B6 the kingdom of the animals. This develops in a continuous adaptation to the ambient, according to the natural selection. The animals improve their „auxiliary" organs as response to the stimulus of the environment. Thus, the organs of locomotion of the animals started from primitive forms of ciliums, reaching a great variety, imposed by the conditions of the environment where they live in. At soil animals there have been developed feets, most varied as form and performances.
At water animals the locomotion organs adapted themselves to the conditions of the environment and have the form of wings or palettes. Birds do have wings adapted to the conditions of atmospheric environment and legs, also varied as form and performances.
The organs of orientation at animals are in fact organs of sense. They are specialized answers at the stimulus of the natural environment. At the beginning, the stimulus where non-differentiated received by all cells on the surface of the body – of the tegument. From this it has imposed step by step the differentiation and specialization of the sense organs.
If the solid obstacles stimulated the development and the specialization of the tactile organs, light radiation stimulated the structure of the organs of the visual sense, the acoustic vibrations stimulated the development of the auditive sense organs, etc.
The sense organs are specialized only in the receiving of information that are sent by the nervous system of the brain, another „auxiliary" organ whose cell structure is specialized in processing the information obtained and the spreading of commands to the execution organs.
The sense organs, the brain and the execution organs form a system that „answers" to natural stimulus. The apparition of animals „endowed" with senses and central nervous system produced under the conditions of a real fight for existence, in order to obtain food.
The species that resulted victorious of this fight was the human being, as single being that had the intelligence.
The intelligence meant accumulation of information, by the rational use of senses and of aptitudes at the creation and use of tools, but especially in using the language.
If till the human being information „ran" in a natural and hereditary way through senses and instincts, the language added to the information the „conventional" form, capital condition at the creation of intelligent beings.
The ambient stimulated the necessity to show each action, each object, aspect, phenomenon, etc. By „code", a „name" formed of articulated sounds, that has to be the same and recognized by all the individuals of the collectivity.
These information was more than enough in order to release the process of thinking, otherwise than the other animals.
The human brain, beneath the momentary interpretation of information obtained from sense organs developed also its capacity of „keeping" this information, a longer or shorter time and implicit the property of rendering it under the form of „memory". The brain´s function of memorizing developed more accelerated at the same time with the use of conventional connections – the speaking.
The act of loading the memory, the accumulation of information is more efficient when information is repeated or associated to events that incite feelings, but not necessary real ones. Thus, information being natural, real, the interpretation and memorization might be distorted, wrong perceived.
It might be said that an intelligent, cultured being carries an own world, an imaginary reflection of the real world as reference system.
Ideal would be that knowledged information to be done immediately from the „reference system", by own senses, that is in fact almost impossible. The greatest part of information is gained by lending, by intermediation, that makes that the spiritual world to be a copy more or less distorted of the real world. The capacity of the brain to „control" memorized information with the help of senses, forms the „soul", the „spirit" or the „ego" of each rational being. I am adding a little extension to this topic, a sketch. Each man is unique. He is born, he learns, he grows old and dies. Life has a beginning and an end. “If only I could live once again!”
Wishes, hopes, even attempts: mummification, refrigeration or brain transplant. Theoretically, repeating life is possible, but not this way. This phenomenon really happens in a natural way. “How well he resembles his father”! Yes. Hereditarily, sometimes the aspect, the character, the voice etc. are perfectly transmitted.
Through the son, the parent is reborn in the proper sense. The difference is the ego, the conscience of existence, the training – the information. Serious reasoning is required. There are here some elements of the analysis which are known and others waiting to become known. The essence of the subject, the ego of the being that wishes to be “prolonged”, is information. Or, there are several techniques of working with the information in development. Thus live among us people, personalities long gone, but who have left memoirs, works or deeds, part of the information of their ego. We want more of course.
We make comparisons, more and more often, between a being (a man) and a computer, who tend towards the status of a being. The two parties have the binary information in common. On the computer, the information unit, the bit, passes through logical circuits: the dynamic form and gets stuck in memories: the static form. The static form may be changed, mixed, moved, read or erased. Reading is a translation compatible with the visual and hearing senses of the human being. Before reading, the information is searched for, following an address trace and then it is selected. At the human being, the information unit must be the electric and magnetic polarity. In the distant future, when it shall be noticed that the nervous system is actually electricity, when they shall know very ell the phenomena of information transmission by sense organs, the routes and the addresses to the memory, the phenomena of writing and accessing information at the memory level, then, through an interface, the information accumulated by a human being can be copied on a battery of artificial memories and vice versa. Then the ego of a person can be transferred or multiplied. Man shall be able to live several lives. The problem of the carrier, of the body, is almost solved now, by cloning. School, college, learning shall be a simple click.
The fruit that comes out of B6 means intelligent beings. The „dowry" plus the ambient added in C6 is immense. The conventional connection, the language makes possible the rational thinking and releases the reflection of vastness and the astonishing information in nature.
To the hardly formed conscience of existence in physical, objective life, intelligent being adds to it another life, another world, that of thinking, of reflection – the spiritual life.
A7 represents a rational, intelligent being – human being. The human being is thus the entity with the most complex organization of matter, the most incredible hypostasis of fluen. It might be observed from this table that matter organizes itself step by step, in a continuous accumulation of optimal connections, conditioned by the ambient.
The sense of life belongs exclusively to matter and is in essence, the organization of matter toward complex. The human being is one of the forms by which this organization is realized. It can´t be said that the new born starts life from zero! The new born is an accumulation, a continuity in cosmic time, of the matter´s organization toward complex.
The lots of people, their population in B7 means human civilizations.
The exponent of civilization, the human being, is the single animal that is not satisfied by the performances of its „auxiliary orrgans" and the most aggressive terrestrial being.
He wished and succeeded to expand the performances of these organs. He wished to run faster than any other animal. He built at the beginning the rudimentary means, that become later performance machines, covering the planet with a network of roads and railways.
He wished to go on water and transformed canoe in ships and submarines. He wished to fly faster and higher than birds and from the rudimentary means, the balloon, he passed fast to the performance machine, the jet aircraft. He wished to hear and see at great distance and realized the astonishing means of transmission. If, at the beginning the knowledge, the learning was transmitted from one generation to another through „rituals", this being hereditary not possible, then through monuments, through inscriptions in stone or plates of clay, through works on parchment or printings on paper, now, they are really „external memories" storaged in gigantic electronic computers.
The intelligent being wasn´t satisfied with the force of fist and from the rudimentary means, the club, he reached to the performance machine, the atomic bombe.
We said that any process in the matter´s organization is situated in correlation with the ambient.
Which feature of the ambient in B7 stimulated following performances?
And still the stimulus in B7 exists! This is the ancestral instinct of agressivity that we still wear in us. In the ambient of the square B7, the fog of war permanently floated and still floats.
Almost all technical performances of civilization, put in the „job" of human beings had a single stimulus – the war.
And still! And still, the square B7 has a fruit, perceptible at the level of the ambient and it is named self-knowledge.
Self-knowledge and from here the feverish call to knowledge and to another world, another planets.
Self-knowledge in C7 is a positive twinkling of sombre B7 and is especially formed in „alarm signals".
Some military installations prooved that they might have also other uses excepting those they were built for. Definitely, people do have the possibility to regard the planet also from the „distance", from the outer space. The conclusions are visual. The planet is a real ship, where life is the only passenger. The ambient compatible with life is in danger because of lots of reasons:
·   the demographical scope;
·   the industrial exploitation scope;
·   the aparition of nuclear reactors, with serious, real and potential contributions to the deformation of the ambient.
It must be remarked that the planet Earth not only opposes the agressivity of intelligent beings, but it doesn´t even care!
For her it is a simple „evolution", an evolution that earlier or later shall pass in the row of planets hostile to life, during lots of other planets might start in this „adventure of nature". Logically, the fruit in B7 must lead to the apparition of some „cosmic travellers". It exists here the tendency, but it doesn´t still exist the performance machine that uses and efficiently supports the properties of the interplanetary environment.
The field state of matter, fluen, makes possible, efficient and much easier the space unlimited travel, not with the rocket‘s motor, not with the photonic motor supplied with antimatter but with the fluenic motor.
This uses the properties of fluen. It might equip ships of any form or size. It hasn´t moving pieces. It is supplied only with electric energy.
It generated the force of propulsion on the entire exterior surface of the ship, spacial to the infinite.
Interacts with the surrounding field, fluen, in a volume of a million billions of km3, only in the first second from the start.
<< Synthesis, Evolutions>>
All the hypostases of fluen, from B1 to C7, are in a continuous evolution.
The nucleon induces in the field status of fluen, the status of corpuscular formation – the photon.
The matter existence contradicts the law of energy preservation!
The transformation process nucleon – photon – nucleon, or HLH (hydrogen light hydrogen), is the only phenomenon logically explaining the solid matter spreading in the universe (teleportation!). This is how hydrogen and light aggregation are formed in the entire universe. Out of them, starts are made, starts form galaxies, and galaxies form the universe. The speed of evolution creates illusion of eternity. In stars, through electric violent discharges, the hydrogen fusions forming the atoms of light elements, they behave as moderator of HLH process, thus raising the star density and dynamics and forming rings around a star nucleus. The rings are condensed in planets, break a lot the HLH process and accelerate the element atoms forming. The planet, initially a hot gas globe, differentiate their crown of more and more viscid ball, their crown becomes atmosphere made of more and more heavy gases, they precipitate and become deposits in the globe. The solid shell is formed and evolution successively goes on, sequence by sequence towards a cold planet, made of crystalline powder, in the comet stage. The biosphere sequence brings the alive in the matter structure in the same time with the phenomenon of reproduction. Primordial instinct of reproduction follows all possible combinations, kinds from kinds of plants, species from species of animals, appearing, evolving and disappearing. The limits of development are food and environment.
The beings are born, reproduce and die. The planet goes on evolving.
Why do we exist? More generally, why is there life? What is live matter?
The fluen: In the multitude of combinations of the structure of matter, the cyclic structure was also possible. A series of structural modifications which are stored in a code and continue generating themselves alternatively. The structure develops according to the code, rewrites the code, then it dies. This is a material, live entity, a being. The seed, the code is what detaches from the being at death. Combinations of the code develop other beings, simple or complex, short - lived or long - lived, with the same cyclic existence. Simple: kinetic energy - potential energy (the code). Complex: kinetic structure - potential structure (the code). The alternation of the kinetic structure "automatically" induces the alternation of the potential structure. The term "automatically" is the race, the connection of the two alternations, written in the code. This race is the reproductive instinct (RI).
Thus, live matter consists in the functioning of repetitive structural relations of the inert matter. When these relations cease, only the inert matter remains. The living matter is the functional form of the spirit in the structure of the matter. The alive substance is spirit. I find with great amazement, according to the definition, that the first and simplest being is... light! The photon! It is born and dies, a million billion times in a second! Living things feed on other living things. Who "feeds" on light?
In humans, the reproductive instinct subordinates the 5 senses, forming feelings of love, a "cape" under which it hides. RI dominates humans until death. Satisfactions are the reward and the motivation of existence. The maternal instinct is a part of RI. The education, the career, the fortune only seek the improvement of the conditions of fulfillment of RI and the protection of the children. We find the same phenomenon at the level of the community, nation or country (the tendency toward welfare and protection of the population).
The failure to know RI, by excess or abstinence, removes the cape of the love feelings and RI manifests itself by feelings of rejection, hate and violence, up to crimes and wars.
Laws. The human rights. The right to live, yes. The right to reproduce, relative. The right to die ... no. All people die! Accidents, illnesses, old age, suicides or crimes. Old people want a "peaceful death". That is quick and painless. This "luck" is rare. Many die after years of suffering. Sometimes, for such persons, when they are "dieing" the ambulance is called. The person is "saved from death". They live several more days or hours with the same suffering. It seems more like torture. In other places, they are abandoned in a death room, in order to die, after which they are burned. The death phenomenon is overwhelmed by various feelings. Rituals. Customs. Beliefs. These are probably reasons for which society, civilization has done nothing.
Except for the law of euthanasia, which is very limited.
Time solves everything. I do not know when, in the future, the human rights, the right to live, the right to faith, the right to education will probably also include the right to die a deign death. There will be special buildings, with ambulances, no show, no costs, no cadavers and no prejudices. The human being will decide on its own the end of life.
The phenomenon of death is a part of life.>>







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