Letter to students
I have called fluen (energetic fluid), the field that mediates the remote interactions between bodies. Between the material particle and the fluen, one supposed there was a common language (common properties). The logical question came: What if the structure of the particle is the fluen itself? Then, the fluen is the fifth state of aggregation of the matter! Or, the matter is a structure of atoms, the atom is a structure of nucleons, and the nucleon is a structure of fluen.
The fluen, its existence in the field state of the matter, has always been here, only now, with
„its sincerity”, it “unmasked” itself. In 1979 I offered this theme to an Atomic Physics Institute.
Offer dismissed. I saw in the fluen a new physics. However, physics is neither new, nor old, neither classic, nor quantum, physics is one (“says” the fluen). I continued the research. We were four “collaborators”: 1. The fluen; 2 The phenomena of fundamental physics, found through experiment, observations and measurements; 3 The classic interpretations of these generally accepted phenomena; 4 My own reason. The first two have an objective character, the other two are obviously subjective. Now it is easy to look behind. The fluenic atomic model, the nucleon, did not inspire me with trust. The elementary particles “did not have a place”. As one can see in the description, I tried to “assemble” the electron. The fluen, “the first collaborator”, imposed itself with firmness and belief. It sustained that the nucleon is the only stable and functional fluenic formation!  The other elementary particles observed and measured are unstable fluenic formations, are ephemeral fluenic disturbances! Reinterpretations came from the fluen! The fluen defines the notions of mass, energy, force, electric and magnetic field, gravity and electric current. The functioning of the nucleon imposed the reinterpretation of the phenomena of photon emission and absorption. The nucleon absorbs photons in the electric polarities, where the orientation density is maximum and the incident photon changes its configuration of the fluen, forced to align at the nucleon’s polarity. The received energy is emitted by induction by the nucleon’s tores. Yes, yes, but the propagation phenomenon was unknown to me. The realization of the animated drawing and of the graphics of the photon were a true revelation! The drawings highlighted all the information on the propagation of light! Moreover, the electromagnetic spectrum seems to be a series of photons differentiated by the wave length.   The nucleon absorbs only a short sequence from this series, accurately reflected in the emission spectrum. The photon emitted by the nucleon can become a nucleon in its turn and the phenomenon repeats, like a chain reaction.
A reaction which creates hydrogen and light! It is exactly what the sun shows us every day!!!
In the movement of translation and revolution of the bodies, fluen makes the law of the planetary phenomenon. It clearly shows why the planets revolve around the sun and what is the source of the magnetic field. Planetary dynamics, generates planetary phenomena and vice versa.
Stop the revolution of the sun and the planets will leave... in a straight line. Stop the revolution of the earth and the satellites will leave, and we will be .... “baloons”. When the revolution speed of a star increases, the planetary phenomenon is taken to the maximum limit and forms a “black belt” around the star. Having the property of reducing its diameter, the black belt tightens the star’s equator and implicitly accelerates the revolution speed. The black belt absorbs photons like the nucleon, through the same phenomenon, with the difference that it absorbs the entire electromagnetic spectrum and all the fluenic formations (well ... has black belt!).