Effects of pressure inside the stars
We have a culture of astronomical phenomena exterior the stars, dominated by gravity and vortex.
The pressure inside the stars is the result of the gravitational attraction.
In vector interpretation, gravity is centripetal electromagnetic force.
The huge pressure inside the sun is produced by
The centripetal electromagnetic acceleration produces simultaneously with the
high pressure and the orthogonal orientation force of the polarities in the electroid.
Under these conditions, the atoms are decomposed into orthogonal vectors.
In the electroide, the electric vectors are oriented and compressed like a pure electric field!
The electroide becomes a rigid solid, an ideal superconductor with fantastic intensity.
The electroide is now a suspended entity in the magnetic field and gas.
Angular acceleration print the electroide a very high rotation speed - vortex.
The electrode reflects the radiation, being impenetrable, therefore its temperature is 0K.