The experiment was repeated several times, but the result remained negative.  Explanations followed.
Einstein simply denied the existence of ether. Lorentz acknowledges the purely electromagnetic properties of ether, described by Maxwell. It was known that the light was electromagnetic wave.
The interpretation of the negative result is not possible without the interpretation of electricity and magnetism.
However, the electric and magnetic field are inexplicable in their turn.
Interpretation given by Fluen (energy fluid):
Gravity, magnetism and electricity are fluen hypostases and are characterized by the orientation of the fluen components in direction and way (forces, space, energy - vectors).
Gravity is the stable hypostasis - neutral field with latent forces (pairs of vectors grouped in an anti-parallel way),
This hypostasis can be disturbed, the vectors are oriented under various angles up to parallel, thus passing into the magnetic and electric hypostases and so on.
Thus, electromagnetic disturbances are disturbances of the gravitational field, the passing of the gravity hypostasis in magnetism or electricity hypostases (unstable! oscillating!)
Such a disturbance is the travelling oscillator - the electromagnetic wave.
It is very important to understand how the travelling oscillator propagates.
The essential properties of the oscillator, frequency, wave length and propagation speed, are the properties of vectors:
Forces, interaction speed and the well-known phenomenon of induction (orientation by influence).
With these properties, vectors propagate the oscillation parameters "stepping" in a collinear way in the gravitational field, even if it has other disturbances or hypostases.
It is the cause of the negative result in the Michelson-Morley experiment.
When traveling through the two arms, the light ray kept the oscillation parameters invariable to the "dynamics of ether". The electromagnetic wave was not "carried" by the ether. The ether, the gravitational field, changes its hypostasis in the interaction with stable oscillators, when they are material bodies in motion.
We know about the bodies found in translation or rotation motion that they manifest inertia.
Motion induces in the gravitational field electric and magnetic hypostases with known, but inexplicable effects:
Inertia, the gyroscopic phenomenon, the planetary phenomenon, the rotation of the stars (black holes), galactic whirls and huge magnetic and electric fields, all are interactions of the force of vectors - attraction and repulsion.
Obviously, the gravitational field being neutral, it does not have these forces.