Sun - teaching material of study.
The huge magnetic field of the sun.
The weight, the pressure, magnetic and electric fields give us the illusion of some static phenomena,
although they are the consequences some vector interactions.
The electric field and the magnetic field are orthogonal vector currents that exist simultaneously.
Only a giant electric current explains the existence of such a huge magnetic field.
How is generated this giant electric current?
In the sun's plasma, such current cannot be created.
This giant current is generated in the surrounding vector space by the sun's rotation.
So the rotation movement generates electric current and simultaneously the magnetic current.
Who produces rotation motion?
The giant electric current interacts with its own magnetic field, producing the centripetal electromagnetic force at each point. So, centripetal vector interactions.
Consequences of centripetal vector interactions:
1) Transport of the substance from the periphery to the center, generating the differential rotation motion.
2) The electrical potential and activity: lightning, earthquake, plasma are short-circuit phenomenos.
3) Plasma compression.
4) Expansion - radiation, solar wind
5) Stabilizes in the crown a "collision" zone, between centripetal acceleration and solar wind - the return of the wind.
Thus closes the chain of vector interactions that constitute the spirit of the sun.