Galaxy (swirl) - natural cybernetic system
Microscopically speaking, logically, there is no (hydrogen atom), "movement", "displacement", in the oscillator! There is induction, polarity propagation with "c" speed.
The translation and rotation movement occurs at macroscopic level, by the attraction and rejection forces among atoms, association, electricity, magnetism, circularly oriented polarities. In order to avoid confusions, let's consider that "electric loads" (electrons, protons), are interpretation errors!
We analyze here the vector existence, with indissolubly linked positive and negative polarity, the unique conduct of space, electricity and magnetism, the unique force of the universe. These vectors oriented in closed circles exert their attraction force with "c" speed and induce the decrease of the diameter to the minimum. In its way to the center, this electric wave induces the orientation of polarities of the crossed gas and "activates" another known property, rejection force between parallel polarities.
It is the phenomenon of accelerated implication of gas and "cosmic plancton" (chromatic!), from the periphery to the center - gravity!
The body in rotation, its polarized structure, tends to rotate like a rigid solid, therefore with linear speeds growing from the center to the periphery.
Gas implication by the electric wave from periphery to the center, from the levels with high linear speeds, to the levels with reduced linear speeds, is the cause of the rotational speed growth
(tangential acceleration gives stable orbits and is why meteors fall oblique)
The rotational speed and electric wave mutually amplify each other!
Therefore, gas quickly compresses and is granted a fantastic rotational speed, unless stabilization phenomena of such process are involved.
The interaction of the electric wave with compressed gas effectively produces electric power.
The main effects of electricity are induction of a strong magnetic field and massive issue of photons. Both phenomena oppose to the electric wave which produces then and "automatically" establish balance.
The rotational speed of the solar system is directly proportional to the energy of the electric wave (entry) and inversely proportional with the energy of issued (exit) radiations. Finding that the rotational speed is stable, there results that the entry energy is equal to the exit energy.
Sun does neither gain nor lose energy ! It only transforms it ! - "Lavoisier"


- Space is considered "fixed", "passive", "void", or with fictive existences (ether, in order to explain light propagation)
There are two phenomena which prove activity of space:
1) Gravity - property of vectors existence (of energy) to propagate.
The vectors make interaction areas with cosmic bodies in rotation and transport energy to their centers, continuously and without oscillations, with the "c" corresponding speed.
This is the force generating movement in the entire universe.
2) Oscillation - balance forces, of the same vectors existence.
The existence of gravity presents non-homogenous conditions for the propagation of oscillations.
There are propagated in their turn, in the space polarities of which are propagated, with "c" speed as well, the spectral lines travel to the red or blue.
The displacement certifies the substance activity and quality of the space.
- Gravity represents property of vectors, of space and can be proven by lab experiments as well:
a) ionization (electricity generation)
b) energy transportation (accumulation at the rotation center)