The revolution movement of a star makes the fluen move circularly, forming near the equator an immense electric circuit and its magnetic field - the inertial belt.
The circular orientation of the fluen has the property to reduce itself, to narrow itself, with a powerful compressing force. Reducing the diameter of the equator, it increases the revolution speed of the star. The increase in the revolution speed increases the density of orientation of the fluen in the inertial belt, until it becomes a black belt.
In reality, the activity of the star produces stability (relative after all).
The activity of the star, its metabolism, is the HLH phenomenon. The hydrogen produces light and the light produces hydrogen. As the sun shows us every day.
It is the source of hydrogen and light in the universe!
Can we imagine the realization of this reaction in the lab? By all means!
Returning to the stability of the inertia belt, it represents a great obstacle in the path of the avalanche of radiations emitted by the star. The radiations which want to pierce it, cause great disturbances in the inertial orientation of the fluen (and the magnetic field), weakening its force of compression. The radiations also bear the consequences of this impact, beginning with annihilation and all the optical phenomena. The activity of the star, the radiations erode the inertial belt!
The result is the equilibrium and the energy which raise the temperature of the interaction zone.
In the case of the sun, the temperature of the corona reaches 1,000,000 K, as known.
In the old age, the activity of the star suddenly increases, the inertial belt is defeated and the star increases its volume enormously!

The electric current is always surrounded by a magnetic field. The magnetic field always contains electric current.
The electric hypostasis of fluen is always surrounded by the magnetic hypostasis of fluen. The orientation of the fluen surrounds itself. In other words, there is no electricity without magnetism and no magnetism without electricity. Matter is electromagnetism. Electricity and magnetism are hypostases of the orientation of the fluen. Our perceptions about electricity are different from the ones about magnetism. While magnetism is found simply and grandly at the terrestrial and cosmic level, electricity resides in technical applications, or is hidden under the notion of "electric charge" or "electron" ("magnetic" and "gravitational charges" are also searched for).
The electric charge has no magnetism! The electron has no magnetism unless in movement! And the rotation movement has been attributed to it. Thus, it has magnetism (but its magnetism, is it also monopolar?). Magnetism, electricity and gravity have been brought in the scope of our senses, by the same phenomenon - attraction between bodies. Now, they are still different phenomena. It is difficult to admit the reality of electricity around the globe or other cosmic bodies. Magnetism, yes. As for electricity… it is there, in the conductors,, in the "plug". However, the reality of cosmic magnetism shows the existence of cosmic electricity! The electric and magnetic fields at cosmic level cannot be attributed to the alleged internal mechanisms of the bodies, as they are various bodies: gaseous, liquid or solid. The determining factor common to them is the rotation movement. Thus, the source of the electromagnetic phenomenon at this level can only be the rotation speed of the body and the orientation of the surrounding fluen, in the hypostasis of electricity - the inertial belt. The electromagnetic field thus generated must be directly proportional with the mass and rotation speed of the body and inversely proportional with the intensity of the radiation flux issued by it. If the rotation plane of the body involves other material forms, the electromagnetic field takes an obvious lenticular form.


Phenomena in the terrestrial atmosphere - Hurricanes.
The climate is the answer of the planet relief, at the action of the solar radiations.
Modifying the relief, we modify the climate. The climate in its turn, is the instrument by which the solar radiations shape the relief of the planet. Expansion of the dry relief, deprived of vegetation, modifies the atmospheric phenomena. Therefore, the action of the solar radiation amplifies the energy of the atmospheric gas (temperature, density, pressure) and forms masses of air with water vapors - clouds. The differences of pressure, set the clouds in motion. Their movement orients the fluen on the direction of the movement (inertial orientation), but also circularly around this direction. This phenomenon, induces the orientation of the polarity of the atoms, on those directions. The attraction force of the electric polarities, decreases the distances on the direction of the orientation and contracts the cloud on that direction (FitzGerald-Lorentz contraction? Here is not speed "c"!) , making possible the electric discharges. When the movement is vertical, the circular oriented fluen, circularly orients the polarities, the cloud is contracted by the rotation axis and generates the accelerated circular movement - the vortex movement (the inertial belt phenomenon). The process is more complex and it certainly is composed with the force of the terrestrial inertial belt (Coriolis force?!).



We have: Data solar system
Are required: Data belt.

For example:
Ray - 2 000 000 Km
Period of the rotation - 4 and 1/2 days
Speed of rotation - 32, 3 Km/s

And Jupiter? And Galaxia?