Gravitation and electromagnetism
Isaac Newton considers that there is, in the center of the earth, a "secret spirit", a force (static) which attracts all bodies and he names it gravitational attraction - gravitation.
Albert Einstein "takes out the secret spirit" from the weight center where Newton had put it and affirms that the mass of heavy bodies deforms space, curves it! (statically!) and bodies fall freely, roll in the inclined plan of the curve space.
Curve space? What is space?
Atomic model fluenic, shows the quality of the substance of the space, the quality of fluen.
By rotation movement of a body, space, polarities of existence vectors, circularly orient around the body and produce centripetal acceleration - gravitation.
Centripetal acceleration: Let's consider a curve arch, made of such inserted existence vectors (current). We know that in an electric circuit, current (vectors polarities) is propagated on the shortest way. Therefore, below the curve arch, the way is shorter and the curving is accelerated by light speed - centripetal acceleration.
Centripetal acceleration is induction phenomenon!
The induction phenomenon is centripetal acceleration!
Centripetal acceleration and induction are one and the same phenomenon!
Gravitation: if the body is in rotation movement, it also has centripetal force. It has no rotation movement, no centripetal force.
It is like the phenomenon discovered by Faraday in 1831, where "curve" (centripetal force!) is found as magnetic field around electric current.
Electromagnetism: it has electric current conductor, it also has magnetism around; it has no electric current, no magnetism.
If magnetism around current has the properties of centripetal force, does current have rotation movement? - not at all, here the source of centripetal force is atom magnetism.
The action of the variable magnetic field, orthogonally orients polarities of atoms in the conductor, which launches common centripetal acceleration around them - voltage. Uniting such polarities with one conductor, their attraction force shall series atoms polarities, making a circuit of attractions between electric polarities - electric current.
In this current, atom polarities are already surrounded by their own magnetic fields and by common centripetal force, which shall mutually induce in closed circuit.
The atoms in the circuit, with little conducting properties, absorb current polarities and release their own radiations with thermal or light frequencies.
Universe is family of existence vector. The existence vector is component of space, it is unique, there is no electric vector, magnetic vector, it has no varieties, but we perceive it in fluen hypostases (polarized space): electricity, magnetism, atom, body, force, mass etc. Therefore, the phenomena which include such hypostases are the "family" of the vector, of space, of interaction with light speed - universe.
Such "alike" phenomena (electromagnetism, gravitation, cyclone, lighting, nucleon),
have the same force, centripetal acceleration and specifically, time of existence.
Centripetal force changes into: electric power (electromagnetism), energy accumulated in bodies (gravitation), atmospheric swirl (cyclone), thunder (lighting), eternal oscillator (nucleon).