Simple toys
Pupils, students, research collectives, may enter the work atmosphere of Stephen Gray, Oersted, Faraday, Hetz, ever since they were trying the weirdest experiments for the research of electric and magnetic phenomenon.
Now, the topic is gravitation, detection of space propagation (of centripetal acceleration)
In theory of FLUEN, gravitation is an effect of space, of attraction and rejection forces amongst existence vectors.
If such vectors are arranged under ordinate conditions, in technical applications, they interact and produce effects.
As we have electromagnet, microphone, speakers, electric engine, light etc.
A body in rotary flow "arranges" the vector circularly, around it, and such arrangement is propagated towards the center, by "c" speed - it is an application of nature and produces centripetal acceleration.
Space hides its propagation, within continuity and monotony, and creates the illusion of attraction.
Propagation produces a row of effects:
- Polarizes, drives and compresses rarefied gases (terrestrial ionosphere, sun crown)
- Accelerates substance to the center and produces vortex motion.
- Electrifies and compresses environment (atmospheric pressure, lightning, earthquakes)
- Amplifies pressure and temperature of the undiluted substance (end of propagation)
For the research of such interactions, one can imagine a multitude of experiments, simple toys, or complex, electrostatic, electro-dynamic and thermal projects.
Some demonstrations are already known, only the interpretation being in default.
Therefore, a toy in rotary motion (peg top), show centripetal force.
A ray of light sent in the sense of space propagation (of support), "is hurried" and displaced to the blue.
Sent against propagation, it "tires" and displaces towards red.
From one planet, there precedes the displacement towards red.
But, from one star … we would be disposed to believe that "universe is contracted" (logics, in the drawing below).
An idea of the many:
An isolating pot, cubic, set on a balance.
The pot full of electrolyte or ionized gas, shall be set between the reinforcements of a condenser, supplied with polarization voltage.
Please research if the weight of the electrolyte depends on the intensity and orientation of polarization in horizontal plan.

Spirit of gravity
We detect gravity, within the weight of bodies and in their accelerated falling
For Sir Isaac Newton, weight is attraction, spirit (link, force) which intrudes to the center of the earth …
We are looking for the explanation of such spirit:
Look at the sun!
A light sphere, which has been continuously boiling for millions of years!
How do we explain such phenomenon?
A quantity of "fuel" burning and burning for billions of years?
Nuclear changes?
However, "fire" should have died a long time ago!
Logical explanation:
"Fire" is only a sequence in a continuous process of energy, fluen circulation, like the water of mountain river, is only sequence of its circulation in nature.
This process is gravity. Attraction and rejection forces continuously act with "c" speed, with acceleration functions, of driving to the swivel, of polarization-electrization and compression of substance in fire sphere.
Gravity is micro and macroscopic, property of space, source of oscillation and planetary system operation (of the universe).
The mass itself and its magnetic and electric field are sequences (effects) as well of the gravity spirit
Nature is
Space, vectors existence with forces of attraction and rejection (current and voltage) are the same in oscillators (atoms) in the radiation, as in gravity.
Everything interacts electromagnetically with the speed "c".
The peculiarity of the gravitational interaction, of the centripetal acceleration, is the monotony and the cosmic dimensions.