As early as 1011 electrons bear the stamp "catastrophe"
The current in the electric conductor, improperly called "current", represents the electrical polarities of the atoms, which by orientation are the environment conducive to the propagation of the oscillations, of the information. Polarities are "anchors", bonds, forces that fix atoms in the conductor structure.
These forces are switched from the outside, to orient the atomic polarities and to form the propagation environment of the oscillations as well as the electromagnetic interactions (force, induction)
that are transferred perpendicularly to the polarities direction, from any point of the network,
as shown by the Ampere rule. So the oriented polarities and the force that opposes their orientation (current and resistance) are inversely proportional forces that are controlled by the electromagnetic interaction (U). From oriented or non-oriented polarities, results a "conductor" or insulator (the junction PN effect). The animated dessen show clearly, why the current and the resistance varying inversely proportional? Because they between they divide the polarities of the atoms that can be oriented (not all atoms alter their orientation)!