Holiday Collaboration 2015
My granddaughter, Ramona Cîrstian, challenged me to a grandfather-granddaughter debate, on the electromagnetic phenomenon, which turned out to be quite constructive in the end. We shall only write down here the beginning:
Ramona - Electromagnetism has lots of mysteries.
Grandfather - Give me one example.
R - The electric arc! How can it melt metal when welded?
G - I thought you knew that! The electrons rub, rub with slippers and melts the metal
R - Impossible!
G - Why?
R - because the slippers burn! But, I gave you a serious example.
G - Ok, let's find the mystery together.
The experiment the thunder
We have a phenomenon accessible to the investigation, thunder, acoustic shock which accompanies the longest electric arc - thunder.
The current interpretation of the acoustic shock is heating and sudden dilation of atmospheric gas.
In order to prove this phenomenon, we need a closed enclosure, where a magneto produces a small electric arc, by a dynamic microphone with a membrane part of the wall of the enclosure for a pressure/electricity translation and an oscilloscope.
The experiment result:
The graphic of electric discharge shows on the oscilloscope screen a contraction (depression) of the enclosure gas, and then the oscillation is amortized. This graphic shows the initiation of the acoustic shock of a unique discharge in continuous current and contradicts the current interpretation. The shocks are simultaneous for all frequencies and are produced according to the interpretation, by centripetal electromagnetic force, marked out by this experiment.
Result interpretation:
- The polarities of the two electrodes are initially divergent (electrostatic).
Upon the closure of the electric circuit, the polarities make current wires between the two electrodes, by gas ionization, conductors being the polarized atoms. Having the same direction and sense, their electromagnetic fields compose vectorially making a common magnetic field, which interacts with the current wires, as electromagnetic forces. The direction of forces being centripetal, the atomic wires are pressed in the middle and make the axe of the electric arc. It proves that the electric discharge is initially a multiple of parallel electric wires which are continuously brought by centripetal electromagnetic force, in a central axis. Obviously, the follow-up is the increase of the current density, amounting new and new wires in the axis of the electric arc, the growth of pressure and temperature and implicitly in space of perturbations occurred by the displacement of the current wires, by light speed.
The electromagnetic force (centripete) in nature: earthquakes, hurricanes, lightning, gravity.