My world in my mind
My world in my mind, my reason. Each human being has its world, therefore, subjective.
My interpretations are objective only for myself, as they are my convictions.
There are many phenomena directly known senses, but also phenomena which do not fall under the senses and which are to be perceived by reason.
Space is an objective shape of existence, inaccessible to the senses.
Space defines itself, by effects accessible to senses (weight, force).
Two smaller or larger objects interact even if the space between them is without intermediaries - the vacuum. The interaction shows that space itself has intermediary qualities, qualities common to objects - force, direction, sense.
I called this intermediary, energetic fluid - fluen.
Fluen may be interpreted either as content, or quality of space.
Irrespective of how we interpret it, we are in the area inaccessible to knowledge.
Common qualities are vector qualities - the vector existence
If space has vector structure, we may use the properties of the vector existence in interpreting the phenomena surrounding us and which do not have clear explanations:
Electric, magnetic and gravitational field.
As these fields manifest in the vacuum as well and as electricity and magnetism are interdependent, we consider them polarized space - space hypostases
But, all vectors are identical, each with two inseparable polarities.
The opposed polarities attract each other in series and make current lines (I)
Parallel current lines in the same sense reject each other and generate pressure, tension (U)
If two vectors we call electric and magnetic intersect on perpendicular directions, there result three-dimension coordinates of space and three orthogonal propagation directions:
1) electric propagation in series I (elementary force) - length
2) electric propagation in series I (elementary force) - width
3) series and parallel electromagnetic propagation UI (centripetal force) - height
propagation of electric vector series a minimum number of other existing vectors and make a closed vector circuit around the magnetic vector -electric current.
It is not difficult to understand that the agent of electricity is the vector existence.
Electric current induces a circuit identical to the magnetic vector, there resulting the essential vector composition of matter, double oscillator tor - hydrogen.
This composition includes the oscillation of vectors propagation, centripetal force.
The oscillations of the two tors have no structure or effect differences, although we call it electromagnetic oscillator. The following structures shall differentiate the electric and magnetic effects, as consequence of the more and more complex compositions.
The following composition is another functional status of the double tor oscillator - the traveling double tor oscillator (photon).
The traveling oscillator is like a pendulum which oscillates as related to a fixed point and which, when receives higher impulse, oscillations become revolving movement.
Therefore, the oscillations of photon are not bilaterally, but unilaterally induced, a tor is induced "through" the other, on the propagation direction. It is like a children game.
All the specter of stationary oscillators releases photons -electromagnetic waves.
Photons are discrete oscillators, totally different from the sinusoid waves from macroscopic environment.
The row of organizing space continues and is due to the set of oscillators which compose hydrogen gaseous nebulae. Here, the density of hydrogen atoms goes up, which unite two by two making molecules.
The interactions of hydrogen atoms make ephemeral structures and stable atoms.
The ephemeral structure is the composition of two oscillators, where electric tors are united, and magnetic tors are propagates uniformly around it, making an polar unstable electromagnetic structure, like here:
The instability consists of the lack of the cause-effect connection (oscillation, induction)
This microscopic structure shall prove to be functional macroscopically, where the revolving movement of a gaseous nebula is the cause of electromagnetic polarization of the space around it, there resulting an electromagnetic polar and stable structure.
Here, the cause-effect connection is set between electromagnetic polarization of space, which accelerates the rotation movement and the rotation movement which amplifies polarization.
This closed causal chain populates the entire universe (the secret of the space).
The relations amongst such objects are slightly known. In the electromagnetic sphere of the sun (centripetal force, the crown), matter and its entire content, amongst which the earth as well, it is accelerated and pressed on the centre of the sun, which accelerates its rotation.
In the electromagnetic sphere of earth (centripetal force, ionosphere), matter and all content, amongst which, the moon, is accelerated and pressed on the centre of the earth, which accelerates its rotation.
It is easily noticeable that sun presses its centre the earth-moon system, as it is in the sun electromagnetic field, but earth cannot pres on its centre, as sun is not in the terrestrial electromagnetic field.
Earth presses on its centre moon, but moon cannot press on its centre earth, as earth is not in the electromagnetic field of the moon.
If moon does not "attract" earth, who generates tides?
The moon with its electromagnetic sphere produces a centripetal force eclipse, a depression, a "shadow" which exceeds the sphere of the planet and affects the opposed meridian.
Solar crown also produces "shadows" on sun of the planetary systems.