Electron - To be or not to be ?
The electron – an artificial product of imagination?
Is that possible?
Until Stephen Gray’s experiment in 1729, electricity was a mysterious spirit. There is only one type of electricity, Benjamin Franklin was saying, the bodies can have this electricity as a plus or as a minus. This explanation is so intuitive, as if it were saying: it is poured into … Pomeranian bottles.
Identification: Oersted notices the magnetic effect of electricity. Faraday shows how the adamant produces electricity in a conductor. Maxwell and Hertz underline the electromagnetical induction. Practitioners like Graham Bell, Edison, Marconi and many others, take the phenomena as such and start the range of some sensational technical achievements, still continuing. Nevertheless, what electricity is, remains a secret. Towards the end of the 19th century, electricity is put into the electron’s charge. Thomson studies the electrons like a drop of oil under electricity and arranges the positive and negative electrical charges into the first atomic model. The one who decides to identify electricity with the electric charges is Hendrik Anton Lorentz: "Electricity is formed of material particles having a well-defined charge and mass". Rutherford transposes the electric charges directly into the cinematic scheme of the Newtonian planetary system. But the electrons fight it back.
Niels Bohr teaches them genuine behaviour trainings. In vain.
Nowadays, all physical electrotechnical and electronical phenomenon are interpreted with the help of the electron. They go in rows, jump, fill the holes, turn around, crawl through tunnels, do and undo bindings, give light and heat etc. The electron is situated at the base of any interpretation of electric phenomenon and is „endowed" with multiple properties, sometimes unclear, mysterious ones. Could this be the particle „screen" behind that there are the real phenomenon? In this situation the interpretation of the fundamental physical phenomenon, regarding the role of electrons is completely changed. Here isn‘t ignorance or absurdity. There is opening an alternative, an interpretation of phenomenon imposed by the hypothesis of the fluenic model of the atom, in a simple and natural way.
Attention! The phenomenon are concluded events. The alternative strictly refers to their interpretation.
What is electricity?
Atomic model fluenic:
The nucleon is the only stable particle. The other elementary particles are interpreted like unstable fluenic formations. The electron being an unstable fluenic formation, it merely looses the qualities with that it is accredited.
Electricity is matter itself. It is the energy that binds the nucleons and the atoms between them and make a hierarchy between the structures of matter, giving them consistency, form and colour. It becomes manifest through the properties of crystals, through biological functions as muscular force, nervous impulse, bioluminescence etc., but also through polarizing the gases and rainfall of the planetary atmosphere, generating luminous outbursts and devastating turbulences.
The electric current without electrons. We take into account two properties of the mobility of the atom: the polarity and the vibration. The elements are divided in conductors and insulators. The conductors, those with polar atoms, with the property of "tipping" and insulators, those with non-polar atoms, or without the property of „tipping". In the conductor „cut by the magnetic field", the atoms put their polarity in series along the conductor, while their vibrations, in series at their turn, forming a vibrating wave – the current. In this current, thus, there are found the vibrations of the atoms of the conductor. The atoms do have the specific character of the element.
Two segments of conductors from different elements should also have its own elements‘ vibrating current. If we put into contact the two segments for being crossed by the vibrating current, their junction must behave according to the differences of vibration, making easy or difficult the crossing of junction, amplifying, respectively damping, the perturbations of fluen in the contact area – thermal concluded phenomenon.
At the functioning of the fluenic atomic model, the properties assigned to the electron loose their meaning, being exercised by the nucleon. On the other hand, there is opened the chapter that might be named „the physics of junction", a world of the phenomenon of electronics.
Faraday has discovered "a" method for vibration collection. Biology is "full" of such phenomena – its source of energy. The electricity being the connections of the atoms in the crystalline network, their reorientation also modifies the macroscopic dimensions. The nucleon being more than a perpetuum mobile (the proof being the existence of matter), the superconductivity contains the embryo of an eternal file!
The heart. It’s a pump. An amazing biological mechanics. "Seen" by the fluenic hypothesis, it is a pendulum, an autonomous piezoelectric oscillator. A group of muscular fibers oriented between two extremities that constitute mechanical application points, but also electric terminals, might be considered a biological piezoelectric element. Combining this specialized elements on the dynamic or electric component may form a self-maintained piezoelectric oscillator, controlled by the pressure of the involved liquid - a heart.
Nature is a sum of inventions!
Gravity. Arranging the fluen in the two torrs of the nucleon in a closed circuit is the tightest orientation, the smallest possible dimension, but with a maximum orientation density of the fluen and the greatest connection force. Then follow the strong connections between the nucleons, through the best closing of the mutual polarities and further, the resulting polarities, specific to each element, connect the atoms in crystalline networks, molecules etc. The dimensions of the circular orientation of the fluen starting from the nucleons have grown, but do not stop here, enlarge the circle to the infinite and are named gravity.
Radioactivity. Historically speaking, the nuclear activity comprises two distinct periods: one period of atom formation (perhaps nucleon formation too), in an environment with very high energetic activity, and another of relaxation, of optimisation of the nucleons’ connections in the nucleus. After going out of the formation environment, the atoms remove their additions rapidly. Then follows the finishing of the connections’ optimisation, simple commutations of connections between the nucleons and implicitly the fluenic perturbations adequate to the place (b,g), or multiple commutations with regroupings of nucleons, scissions and evacuations, accompanied by the inherent fluenic perturbations.
Crystal. Therefore, the fluen is present in the nucleon with the hypostases:
1. Magnetism – orientation in the two torus.
2. Electricity – the main polarity that lines the two toruses.
3. Mass – the density of orientation
4. Energy – modification of the orientation (electromagnetic spectrum)
5. Force of attraction and rejection – interactions between the orientation senses
The nucleons form atoms with electric, magnetic polarity or neutral, specific to each element. The connections of the atoms can be: “fixed” in a balanced, electric and magnetic way, forming a tough, neutral and isolating crystal (the diamond); “fixed” in a predominantly electric way (three atoms connected electrically are a magnetic dipole), forming crystals with magnetic properties; “fixed” in a predominantly magnetic way, forming crystals with electric polarities; electrically flexible (conductors), magnetically flexible (ferrites).
Density. The fluen’s density in the nucleon consists only of the quantity of orientation, which gives its tough state, the solid state of matter. It results that even the perturbations of the fluen (the waved), through their interactions, concentrate densities of orientation in ephemeral corpuscular hypostases, with spectacular dynamic phenomena, In the classical meaning, the matter of the universe has the density of the void! We are void!
Comets. Stars generate hot planets, which pass from the form to the bio, to crystallisation and shall become cold comets. The vectorial composition of the circular and linear orientation (the planetary phenomenon), shows the nature of the centrifugal and centripetal forces, the source of the universal rotation movement. The planet’s movement guide really exists around the Sun, like Saturn’s rings. The guide’s tyre is lost to infinity and is spectacularly illustrated by the evolution of a tail comet. The comet’s nucleus is the core of a former planet, the top and the tail being crystalline dusts, the rests of the planet in decomposition. The form and greatness of the movement guide of this splendid funeral convoy are shown to our seeing by the light reflected in the crystalline dust.
Instruments, experiments. The fluen’s properties, the configuration of the nucleon, suggest the achievement of a fluenic microscope. The nucleon permanently gives out its image, having the vibrations of the fluen of which it is formed as information generators. The beginning is already made by spectroscopy. The main problem is the achievement of some detectors to take over the information and translate them in the sphere of our perceptions.
Examples, merely stimulating. The exploited phenomenon: Interaction at various distances between the atoms, i.e. the instrument-test.
Information supplied by the nucleon’s hairdo: orientation of the fluen in direction and sense (magnetism); orientation density (mass); polarities (connection points); vibration of the main polarity (electricity).
Detector. Requirements: sensibility to the information of the test; small perturbation for the test.
Form: probe with one or two very sharp points.
Functions: takes over the information, converts it into an electric impulse and sends it to be processed.
Composition: Two vacuumed precincts (a) and (b), communicating through a capillary nozzle. In the first precinct, we have the test, a reduced number of hydrogen atoms, evacuated though the capillary, in the precincts (b). In the capillary, the nucleons cross the perpendicular plan in the movement direction, in which there are four detectors placed in a cross.
Functioning: The nucleon must defeat the perturbing force of the four detectors and keep a certain position necessary for the interactions with the detectors. In order to help it comply with these two conditions, an exterior electric field is established, to force the nucleon to keep its main polarity in the movement direction, but also a slight attraction. Thus, the passage of the nucleon between the tops of the detectors, induces information-pulses, as interactions of the magnetic field in movement. One first information would be counting the nucleons, but the searched information is the composition of the four simultaneous pulses of the four detectors – the hairdo.
Nucleons’ dimension. In precinct (b), two electrodes are placed, with opposed and very sharp points, with the distance of one micron between the points and a potential of one volt. Suppose the counted nucleons line up one after the other between the two points at the exit of the capillary, the counting automatically stops when the circuit closes. It is repeated and the smallest number of nucleons is taken into account, which manages to close the circuit.
 The fluen places in discussion fundamental phenomena of Physics, phenomena generating questions, uncertainties and
questions again. The fluen has its own answers, coming from itself! The fluen and Time govern the evolution of matter,
of the Universe, from simple to complex and vice versa. On this scale, the level of the planet Terra is
THE INTELLIGENCE - an edifice through which matter contemplates itself.
The fundamental phenomenon of matter is the perturbation of the fluen - vibration, propagation, interaction - ENERGY.
We suspect a propagation phenomenon, suggested by the nucleon’s oscillations:
in the atom a toroidal fluenic formation is initiated. This torus totally “discharges” the fluenic orientation,
in generating another torus. The latter continues the phenomenon, changing the polarization plan and “stepping”
into space with every alternation. The front of propagation, is it this “traveling” oscillator – the photon?
This traveling oscillator, in its interaction with an atom, may change its movement parameters, or, why not,
may become a stationary oscillator – a nucleon?. That is hydrogen! Is this the way stars feed themselves? Hydrogen-photon-hydrogen!
The fluen offers a measure unit to be adopted - - unique and universal - defined from its orientation in direction and sense,
from the maximum density in the nucleon, up to the diffuse density of the inter-galactic space,
covering the NOTION OF MASS (even the void has a mass!).
The fluen simplifies the understanding of the operation of an atom through its coherence.
Are we going to give up the “garden” with elementary particles, these independent little balls with revolution and
rotary movements? The collision phenomenon?  The exchange phenomenon? The allowed or forbidden energy bands?
And especially their mathematical mycelium? No! All these remain in history, as variants of the interpretation
of the atom’s phenomena, in the man’s will to actually and figuratively break the atom’s enigma and find out its mysteries.
They are document-information, of an inestimable value.
The fluen is one of the fruits of such information. It remains to be seen whether the arguments of this contagious “heresy”
which is the fluen, shall be convincing.
The fluen is a mirror, in which the Physics and the Chemistry are waiting to look at themselves.
Let us notice a simple image of crystals: The atoms form a crystalline network, through their electric and
magnetic (fluenic) connections, topographically specific to the element. The crystals’ properties are function
of the configuration of such connections and the level of the fluenic perturbation in the network (the temperature),
which control these properties. Thus the water may be ice or vapors. In metals, the atoms’ mobility in orientation
drives the electricity better or less better, that is the atoms commute the orientation better or less better.
When the entire crystal commutes the atoms’ orientation into a natural stability, but subject to the level
of the fluenic perturbations, what we have is the state of supra-conductivity.
The research of the fluen shall be stimulated by the achievement of the fluenic engine.
The priority of our civilization shall be, very soon, spatial travels with the fluenic engine, simple and accessible
like the motor vehicle. The fluenic engine is achievable now in the centimeter waves. At the same time it is a topic
of research, a challenge for high technology, concerning the use in the future of the x,y,z oscillators in the visible field,
required by efficiency. The fluenic engine shall thus become a bright object. Terra has the biosphere “today”,
Venus hall have it “tomorrow” and Mars had it “yesterday”. The crust of the planet Mars is therefore keeping
the vestiges of a vanished civilization. How long will it take the fluenic engine to lead us there? Years? Days?Or maybe hours? We shall find out soon.
<Stability, aggressiveness, defence - virtues in the organization of matter. The nucleon is stable in front of the aggressiveness of fluenic formations. It "electrically" absorbs and "magnetically" emits photons. At absorptions, the photon aligns its fluen to the electric polarity of the nucleon. The photon decomposes in the electric conductivity of the nucleon.
The nucleon is aggressive in its turn, by the electric polarities.
They unite forming turn by turn the elements and periodically combinations with the closed polarities - inert, electrically neutral gases - appear.
It is the first form of electric insulation.
In the biological structures, aggressiveness also originates from the electric polarities. Here gain stability the ones which cover themselves with protective, electrically insulating membranes. Thus, the "fabric" is a necessity of the organization of matter. The cells have membranes tailored to their size, with little doors for entrances and exists, or hooks for links, which are of course electric polarities.
The tissues, the internal organs take the method further, putting on cases, pleuras or electrically insulating membranes. The plants and the animals go from simple membranes to shells, stratified skin, or even real armors, in order to face the visible or invisible aggressiveness. The senses are electric information. They are "controlled aggressions". The succession continues depending on the aggressors. There appear shelter homes, defence fortifications around fortresses, borders, alliances…. security "umbrellas"…

Why do stars revolve? Possible causes, visible effects
Fluen provides a reason for meditation regarding the movement of revolution of the cosmic bodies, knowing that they are made of hydrogen.
The properties of the fluen, the electric polarity of the nucleon, of the hydrogen, with coupling force, can generate phenomena responsible for the revolution movement.
The first reaction of hydrogen is molecular grouping, where two atoms close their electric polarities. In the great agglomerations of gas, the molecular agitation increases, appear weak electric discharges, generating a dynamics in the gaseous mass. The dynamics of the gas increases light emission, density, there appear massive gas columns electrically oriented and powerful electric discharges. Once with the fragmentation tendency, a nucleus is formed, which emits in every direction jets of hot gases which are going to return, forming a rain of light.
The orientation of the internal and external forces bring an angular impulse. The next gas jets will stimulate the sense of rotation accelerating it, forming real ballistic curves in the equatorial plan, like a rotating engine. The star has begun its evolution. The dynamic phenomenon is constituted by the electric discharges, which also persist in some planets - the earthquakes.
The revolution orientates circularly the surrounding fluen, and, if until now big balls of expelled gases were continually moving away from the nucleus on radial directions, from now on they will interact with the circular orientation of the fluen, which will force them to move on the direction of the circular orientation - the planetary phenomenon. It will be a galaxy nucleus or only a planetary system. The circular orientation of the fluen surrounding the stars can also deviate more or less a ray of light passing near the star in the rotation plan.
When the rotation speed is comparable with the speed of light, the circular orientation of the surrounding fluen is at the maximum limit of the planetary fluen. Thus is formed a real physical object, a belt surrounding the equatorial area where the matter of the rotating body reaches the speed of light. This object is the geometrical place in which the density of circular orientation of the fluen is comparable with the one in the nucleus center (a huge electrical circuit). The orientation density decreases with the radial distance (the law of attraction). We perceive the properties of this object with our sense of reason. It should be colorless, but it is black. It should be of a fantastic hardness, but it is not. It should grow in dimensions, but it doesn't. Here, a photon totally aligns itself to the orientation of the fluen. It disappears. The matter attracted into this object degenerates. Einstein's energy? The oscillation? "It dies suddenly". Obviously. The fluen makes and breaks oscillators. The Universe is in equilibrium!
Black belt is a universal phenomenon. Planets, stars, have belts of "
different colors" and is manifested by the magnetic field and the planetary forces, (as effects of rotation).
 The atomic structure? The atom is the nucleus and the nucleus is the atom. Experimentally, in the outer space, the drop of water is a sphere with a center cavity. He is a form, feasibly and for this atom. Around the atom, pulsates the polarities of the nucleons," the coiffure of the atom", the own spectrum. About the throbs of the nucleon, merely guesswork, failing the experiment. The variable size, isn't a simple amplitude. This is" the reservoir" of energy, is the phenomenon of stability, and the source spectrum of radiations. And the photon burn be due to has an own spectrum ! >
How  operates the nucleon?
 a) Stability
 b) Is a oscillator. With sustained oscillation !!!
 c) Receives and  emits energy.
 - How is explained stability?
 Answered. Through the limits of the oscillation The stability is dynamic.
 Electric the axle is „the pylon” of the stability.
 -Variable  is the frequency, or the amplitude?
 Answered. Likely together.
- What phenomena involves?
 Answered. The property of the fluen.
      - What phenomena produces the alternance? Alternates what?
1- The classic pendulum  - the inertia and gravitation  (the energy kinetic with potential energy)
2- The pendulum Huygens - the inertia and tension of the bow   (the energy kinetic with potential energy)
3- The pendulum EM - the electricity and the magnetism (the energy kinetic with potential energy.
 The nucleon – the energy kinetic with potential energy.
 The efficiency of representation is the drawing.