Centripetal vectorial acceleration of earth spherically compresses substance.
The pressure gradient generated by acceleration, is as well the electric potential gradient.
A comparison phenomenon is the piezoelectric phenomenon.
The electric potential gradient is the substance polarization (ionization)
The ionizing process of substance, starts with the ionosphere and ends into the nucleus.
This energetic structure is therefore the consequence of centripetal acceleration.
Among the effects of this energetic structures, are obviously, electric discharges.
All electric discharges are smaller or bigger centripetal interactions.
In ionosphere, auroras, in atmosphere, lightning, in underground, earthquakes, in nucleus, plasma.
The surface of the terra and outside the atmosphere are electrically equipotential.
The atmosphere in this space is already ionized.
The appearance of a cloud in such space and under the action of electric potential,
makes a set of parallel currents with the same sense, therefore, centripetal interaction.
The currents not being homogenously distributed,
the axis of the arch follows the density of currents and therefore, a shape a river results.
The complex substance compressed in the axis, is the crossed by the density of current.
In the axis, all molecular and atomic connections become parallel currents and launch their own centripetal interactions, increasing even more the density of current.
Centripetal interactions continue without ending inside earth as well, proportional to density and pressure.
Those underneath the crust, earthquakes, are like lightning, and those in the nucleus are like those in the sun.
Centripetal interaction, transform the currents of link in the substance, into radiations.
Centripetal vector interaction, open and close the currents of ties atomic .
Opening and closing of the currents of linking, are themselves centripetal interactions, that produce the plasma state.
The opening or closing, produce the same interaction (kinetic energy)