- The energy of the universe is the polarized space - the substance (electricity, magnetism).
- The polarized space is simultaneously the cause and the effect of the motion - induction.
- Each body polarizes its space of interaction.
- In the universe, bodies interact through the polarized space.
- Inside the solar system, the solar events are being transmitted to the corona, corona to ionospheres and the ionosphere to the planet.
<< The ionosphere, the polarities of space compose a continuous current, a vortex with gyroscopic effect, or a wave that propagates towards the center with velocity "c"!
Simultaneously, space polarizes orthogonally - the magnetic field.
The interactions with the traversed environment (already noted) are the rotation motion, the centripetal force, the atmospheric pressure, the electrizations (lightning, quakes) and the hot core>>
- The forces are not reciprocal! (the planets "not attract" the sun!)
- The phenomenon is universal!
Arguments records - explanations
Gravity is hidden force. The new interpretation identifies this force in the polarized space (fluen). How do we discern if force is central, like Newton affirms, or peripheral, identified from this interpretation?
If force "attracts the apple" to and from the center, or "pushes the apple" from the outside to center?
For the dimension of a star (the sun), rotation movement circularly orients the polarized space
The properties of polarized space (electricity, magnetism), were proved by Stephen Gray, Oersted, Faraday, Maxwell and others.
Therefore, the property of circularly closed polarities, to propagate convergently to the minimum diameter transports electricity "from the universe " in the rotation center, with "c" speed and generates magnetic field.
In the road to the focal, electricity "settles matter" in concentric layers.
Interactions with matter are electrifications (crown) and then concentrically accelerated driving, towards sphere condensing.
This driving accelerates swiveling.
The huge dimension of energy as driven in cosmic circulation is proved by the fundamental electric discharge - absorption-emission transition (metabolism).
It is the activity turning energy from the rotation center, back to the "universe", as a continuous flow of radiations. It is "life of the star".
The radiation flow is divergently propagated, against the current of polarized space and brakes the swiveling.
The interaction of the radiation flow with polarized space determines the rotation speed of the system and raises the temperature of the crown.
For the dimensions of a planet (terra), the phenomenon is proportional to mass.
The effects of interaction with matter are of electrification (ionosphere) and then of accelerated driving in the direction of the planet center (lead wire).
We perceive such accelerations differentially.
We assign precipitations, weight and atmospheric pressure to "gravity", those of microscopic particles are considered "cosmic, solar radiations". Actually, acceleration is produced in the ionosphere. The energy of polarized space is manifested by electric discharges, at aurora poles, in the atmosphere (lightning), in the magma (earthquakes) and by accumulation in the center of the planet, as heat.
The laws of nature are relations of polarized space (electromagnetic)
Even if mass is not place for attraction force, mass in its entirety induces space polarization and operates together as unit.

Polarized space, defined by the vectors of existence, has substance properties (force, energy).
The double-tor oscillator represents oscillation of the vectors existence.
Although oscillations of the space, the oscillators are stopped to pass one through the others, even by the forces of the space - corpuscle properties.
Obviously, the oscillations are not "waves related to the corpuscle", they themselves being the corpuscle.
The oscillator contains a minimum number of vectors (space, energy), is integrated in space and
opened to the transit of vectors (energy) - absorption/emission (which maintain its stability).
The absorption/emission phenomenon proves:
- the first type of reproduction (afterwards, cellular, vegetal and animal)
- the first type of energy processing (afterwards photosynthesis, digestion, metabolism)

In the universe, the bodies are interacting with the polarized space (Fluen).
With static effects and in straight movement:
- space polarization
- reaction force of polarization (laws of dynamics; inertia; impulse; mass)
With effects in circular movement:
- space polarization
- reaction force of polarization, with pushing towards the rotation center - centripetal force (universal attraction, in Newton's interpretation)
- accelerated swivel rotation (pulsations, galaxies, planetary phenomenon)
By the induction of polarity with "c" speed, with effects:
- light propagation
- existence of the electromagnetic frequency spectrum
- auto-organization of the substance structures
- propagation of atom polarity in substance structure (electric power)
With effects in balance forces:
- propagation of modification of the connection forces between the vectors existence - EM oscillations.
- propagation of modification of connection forces between atoms - Huygens oscillations.
- electrical discharges - earthquake - solar flares