Electromagnetic waves reveals the mystery of gravitation
Isaac Newton discovered the law of attraction force between masses.
The cause, the nature of such force, remains a mystery.
It is find that some radio waves as well come back, like stones thrown up.
As radio photons have no mass, the phenomenon cannot be gravitational, although, Einstein foreseen that a light ray passing
next to the sun, shall be gravitationally curved, without explaining the interaction.
The conclusion, radio photons are reflected by the… ionosphere.
Photons occupy a range of wave lengths, from kilometers to nanometers.
How does a photon reflects a 2Km wave length., a sphere where oscillation preserves its parameters, by a rarefied gas?
The FLUEN theory has a simple interpretation:
Photons propagate in light speed in an electromagnetically polarized space (centripetal force),
which in return propagates as well with the light speed, but contrary.
Depending on the wavelength (the volume of interaction), photons are braked,
the trajectory is curved to the change of propagation direction, like comets or vertically thrown stones.
Likewise, a ship launched to the periphery of the solar system shall come back to the area of its launching.
Reflection - interaction between foton and centripetal force
Newton's reflection was like the interaction between the ball and the ping pong table.
The interaction between foton and centripetal force is comparable to Newton's interpretation, but also with the trajectory of objects thrown up.
Interpretations are compositions of vector forces
The ping pong table stops the displacement of the ball, the ball changes its shape and volume (internal forces) accumulating energy, which is released for the change of the movement direction - "reflection"
We know that propagation speed of electromagnetic waves is constant.
If the propagation directions of the foton and of centripetal force are collinear (practically impossible) and contrary in their sense, foton keeps its propagation speed "without displacement". If the directions are not collinear,
the vector composition of forces, describes a curve - "reflection"
Concretely. In the solar corona, increasing the density of radiation by the phenomenon of "reflection"
is over 1,000,000 K