Atom Models
Planetary Atom is the result of the antique reasoning of decomposition, of matter division to … atom.
Fluen Atom is the result of the inversed reasoning, that of composition.
Energetic Fluid - Fluen
(Space and Matter)
The Distance Interaction between two particles shows that vacuum space propagates interaction like a "conductor" of energetic fluid, with common properties of the particle - force, direction, sense.
Only a vector includes common properties - existence vector!
The Force - Interaction Specter
Force is a attribute of space, one of the properties of existence vector.
Elementary Force is the force a vector polarity interacts with another vector polarity.
Centripetal Force is the sum of elementary forces as effect of curve polarized space.
The curve specter (wavelengths), answers to a specter of frequencies and a specter of interactions.
Specter of Oscillators - Particles, Bodies
This specter represents a set of oscillators from nucleons to galaxies.
The vectors of centripetal force are informed (space) and the information is induced by "c" speed.
The forces of the vectors, attraction and rejection (current and tension),
induce centripetal force (a torus generating oscillation). How?
Current (electricity) induces the minimum curve of its own torus, and tension (magnetism) orthogonally induces the maximum curve of another torus (closed causal chain).
The two tori are mutually and alternatively induced - electromagnetical oscillation
The connection of the two tori is the particle (atom) and is a functional, organic connection.
By oscillation, a torus maintains the existence of the other. Their connection is spirit, or life.
If such connection disappears, (spirit), the life of the particle also disappears - it becomes space again.
Pressure Specter - Weight
Let's think that centripetal force "comes from the sky", vertically, at the speed of light and with the polarities of the vectors perpendicularly oriented towards the direction of propagation (horizontally).
Electric and magnetic polarities preserve their orientation.
The substance finds however, that electric and magnetic polarities, successively come over it, delayed by ninety degrees - electromagnetic oscillation!!!
The effects of such "oscillation (pixels)" are pressure, constriction - weight
The electrization, the ionization:
Centripetal force interacts, "brooms", "scrubs" substance at the speed of light.