Atom, atom, atom.
Democritus, brings the idea of atom.
Dalton, from the ratio in which gases combine, proves the existence of the atom.
J.J. Thomson, with the Crookes tube, but also with the idea that electricity is a "substance", considers the cathodic rays as the "substance" of electricity - the electrons. He imagines the first model of complex atom.
Rutherford, using radioactive atoms, makes the famous experiment with the gold sheet and elaborates the planetary atomic model. A simple model, which will quickly become extremely complex, with incomprehensible phenomena: Nucleus; electricity, magnetism; mass; energy; photon absorption and emission; metamorphosis of particles, all together in the small atom.
The fluenic atom is matter in the field state. It has a single particle (fluenic formation) in three energy states: stationary oscillator (electromagnetic nucleon), traveling oscillator (photon) and blocked oscillator (electric nucleon). When the electric nucleon distends, Ep (electric) passes into Ec portions (photons), becomes electromagnetic nucleon, continues in its turn the photon range (spectrum), then the molecules, etc. The resonance between the frequency of some photons and the tissue of the retina (interface) is called light - the imaginary representation of the action of the fluen. In the same way we perceive heat, electricity, magnetism and gravity.

What is matter?
Do you see in the electric nucleon what I see? Something hard and small. But however hard it may be, it is fluen, it is void! In the electric nucleon I see the cessation of the oscillation of energy, in the Ep extreme, with Ec absolute zero (0K), where time makes no sense!!! Restarting the oscillation, energy passes into the Ec extreme, time acquires sense, evolution has started, transformations succeed one another until a new blocking of the oscillation (process taking billions of years). Therefore, the oscillation of energy has for dimensions time and space (and viceversa!), contained in the energy (electromagnetic) spectrum. Energy, Space and Time have sequential existences, discontinuous, the same as light!!! We as beings perceive matter through sensations and reason and we particularize the findings. We say that matter means stars, planets, light, life, atoms, etc. But all of them are fluen oscillators, structured by the laws of mathematics. Just like with simple counting rules are formed complex numerical structures (you see now on display), so oscillators form elements, elements form crystals and molecules, cells, tissues, intelligent beings who are wondering: What is matter?
Energy, time and space, Interpretation of fluen:
Energy, time and space oscillate indissolubly and simultaneously! Their oscillation is unique, discreet and finite! Their oscillation is existence! Inexistence is the absence of oscillation! This interpretation is described explicitly by the propagation of the photon
It results that the fluen is the interface between to be and not to be, between something and nothing.
The live structure of matter is a consequence of the polarity of the oscillators, which follow all the possibilities of association, from gases, liquids and crystals, to more or less complex organic structures. The human body is a succession of associations of oscillators, which form a pyramid-like structure, having higher frequencies at the base and consecutively lower frequencies towards the top. The oscillations at the top of the pyramid have the lowest frequencies and form the mental domain. They give us the awareness of existence, with the perceptions of space and time - knowledge. Associating senses, feelings, actions, they are the most delicate oscillations, which write and read memory. In the sleep state, they pass into inexistence, with their time and space and they come back in the wakeful state. Returning partial - partial activity (dream). The death of the body is the progressive passing of the oscillations into inexistence, in the reverse order of their composition, respectively from the top towards the base of the pyramid.
Let us suppose, against all reason, that the oscillators of the universe pass into inexistence, except one. The entire universe has become reduced to the smallness of a simple oscillator (hydrogen atom). Energy, space, time, phenomena, all the dimensions of the universe, are now contained within the limits of this minuscule oscillator-universe. We are analyzing thus the simplest model of the universe. Space is a dimension of the energy, but energy is a debatable perception in itself. The content of the oscillation of energy (energy fluid) is not homogeneous, the orientation density of polarity being variable and thus the force (see the enclosed drawing). We call the maximum density electricity (blue), the medium density magnetism (red) and the minimum density gravity (orange). Are these forms of manifestation of energy or of space? Do we have two interpretations for one reality? The oscillation of energy is the oscillation of space (there is no energy without space and no space without energy). If energy is space, the force of energy is the force of space! Does space have density and polarity? On a different scale, we observe the phenomena: expansion - contraction; pressure - depressure; explosion - implosion; hot - cold; attraction - repulsion. Can the variation of space be the cause of these phenomena? Of the phenomena which are found in stellar explosions, in the "motor cylinder", in the muscular process, or in the expansion of the universe?
In this minuscule universe (see the enclosed drawing), each oscillation is unique and unrepeatable, "it is born and dies just like a being". We perpetually have the past, present and future oscillation. This continuous one-way variation brings the idea of "history" in the existence of oscillations - the idea of time. But only the present oscillation has existence! (Existogram). The past and the future oscillations are in inexistence, are only references defining the notion of time, as observation of change. Therefore, time has no existence! We find that it is not the time that "flows", but the oscillations succeed one another existentially.
Time is thus the interpretation of the variation of oscillation, by the observer.
Time is the numerical, abstract dimension which measures the variation of the oscillation, by comparison with another oscillation, called a standard oscillation.
Time is the low frequency and the high frequency. Time is sound and colour.
In the analyzed oscillator, the spirit (fluen) has properties of material particle and by multiplication, makes up the real universe.

The memory. The sense organs are an intrinsic part of instincts (euglena viridis).
The photon determines the instinct, selecting the path of the photon-oscillator (optics). This path is the nervous system. The system has evolved from the short path towards the instinct, to the path of ration, justice, culture, the awareness of existence - memory. With the newborn, the sense organs cause instincts directly, memory being "empty". The mother's face, her voice, load the memory, form the knowledge and implicitly the awareness of being - the "I". The information reaching the sense organs are oscillations with various frequencies (images, sounds, etc.). If information is oscillations, then memory also must be oscillations! Matter in itself is oscillators and the interactions of oscillators are fundamental phenomena in the structure of matter. We suppose thus, that memory has a structure of oscillators, with the property of spatially copying the "trace" of the received spectrum. This would be memorization - writing. How is the memorized information stored? At this level, oscillations have very low energies, almost without losses, well delimited and protected. Nevertheless, amortization can occur - forgetting. Memory is present oscillations. Past or future oscillations have no existence.
When several frequencies combine, between their effects occurs the phenomenon of resonance, as a form of amplification of oscillations with identical or similar frequencies.
Resonance could be the "key" to selecting the information from memory (remembering) - reading.
- Hello! Thom? ("Thom", resonates with his name and with his sister Mary's voice)
- Mary!
- Did mother call you? ("call" and "mother", finds resonances or not)
Our body eliminates residues and toxins. From what we memorize "we don't throw away anything". Good or bad, pleasant or unpleasant, beautiful or ugly, clean or dirty, we keep it in the "life's diary" (the baggage of knowledge). We "refresh" it by resonances and with it we form feelings, attitudes, aptitudes - culture. This is a simplistic interpretation of a phenomenon which is still shrouded in mystery. Since the photons make up half of the matter of the universe, they cannot be absent from the structure of the living tissue. Concretely, the photon brings life to the structure of the matter. The photon-oscillator biological structure is obvious at photogenic abyssal animals, because "we have eyes". If photons and frequencies circulate in the nervous system, it is plausible that there is an "orchestra" type communication, by means of oscillations (biophotons which produce electricity!) with precise actions, similar with hormones. We know that the human body, in its entirety, is the result of a continuous process of evolution and adaptation. This process can be interrupted (species disappear). However, it will start again, with microbes, euglena, with a lot of vegetation, on another planet...
The motor of the vortex
While in ancient times the question was how the arrow moved through the air, now the bewilderment that still exists is how the light (wave) propagates? As fluen shows, Maxwell's "support", the ether denied by Einstein, is gravity! There is the conviction that the ether contains the profound details of the structure of matter: the minimum of matter, energy, space, etc. Fluen is different from the ether, by definition: Fluen is the field which mediates the interaction between two bodies. Because the interactions are concrete forces, we deduce that the properties of fluen are also concrete: Force, polarity, orientation in direction and way. If we bring two magnets close together, their interaction makes the fluen "palpable". The composition of fluen is a vector image (abstract). The tiny vector can be considered the minimum of matter, minimum of energy (space!), it is the vibration of this vector, alternation being the minimum measure of time. With its properties, the vector forms oscillators, particles composing the elements. Certainly, questions can be asked of this vector: Where do the properties come from? Does it have a structure? etc. Here the information is missing. (Vector => vibration A<=>B = space = energy = force = polarity, how?)
This vector is the argument of the existence and the perception of existence.
It is neither matter, nor energy, nor space, nor force. These concepts do not exist discreetly, they determine each other and only exist together. How? It is unimaginable!
With the vector being accepted as such, the reinterpretations begin: This vector is the only force of the universe, and from the variation of the density of orientation in direction and way, derive the known electric, magnetic and gravitational forces (the primary state), and from their interactions derive the deviation forces (centrifugal, centripetal and acceleration), the same in all the universe.
The research instruments and human intelligence render visible the role of these forces in the appearance of the universe. It is not gravitational attraction that which condenses the matter in vortexes (stars, galaxies)!
Electricity compresses the stars until they.... "crush"!
The inertial movement of gas orients the fluen in the direction of movement (g => E), the polarities of gas also become oriented, polarities attract and from this derive the forces which compress gas and implicitly accelerate rotation. This is the vortex driven by enormous electric forces, accompanied by huge magnetic fields which give it the form of a disc - the motor of the vortex.
In an active mass of gas, polarities are circularly closed, by a movement of swirl.
The swirl ordinates in its turn the polarities in electromagnetic field.
Electromagnetic field compresses the gas, accelerates rotation and amplifies the issued radiation flow.
The issued radiation flow interacts with the electromagnetic field, increase the thermal radiations in the area and impede the rotation.
The rotation speed of the swirl increases in direct ratio to the intensity of the electromagnetic field and in inverse ratio to the issued radiation flow.
Activity of the gas establishes a balance between the field and rotation, by the flow of radiations.
For "high" activity, the rotation speed decreases.
At "low" activity, the rotation speed increases.
Shape of Universe
Vector Existence. The inexistence / existence interface, vector or cone, is the conventional image of minimum material existence, with the found fundamental properties- with space, force, time, polarity. Polarity which shall compose in its turn, polar elements, North-South, plus-minus, acid-base, beginning-end, male-female etc.
Ether. Ether is the set of existence vectors. United two by two anti-parallel, they compose a neutral field, discrete and homogenous, which we call vacuum space. the found properties related to light propagation show cohesion - gravity.
Fluen. The fluen is the activity of ether, it is the orientation hypostases of vectors, magnetism and electricity, instable hypostases, which find a great stability by making oscillators. The oscillators are united by electric and magnetic polarities (by vectors) and make bodies from atoms to galaxies - the universe.
Universe. The properties of ether answer a fundamental question - limits of the universe!
If: the definition of ether is true and its properties are real, then the universe should be a sphere - the sphere of existence surrounded by inexistence. Light is not propagated ad infinitum! Here, electromagnetic waves enter in inexistence! Just like acoustic waves cannot exist in the vacuum.

The hierarchy of existence

How does the photon freeze?
Logically and according to the laws of physics, the kinetic energy turns into potential energy. In the given conditions, induction does not occur, propagation stops and the photon becomes stationary oscillator - Hydrogen. However, the amortization of the vibrations continues till it reaches zero, the state of rigid electric nucleon - Cold potential energy (ZPE).
The photon successively goes through three energy states:
1 Kinetic; 2 Kinetic - potential; 3 Potential.
(1 Magnetic; 2 Magneto-electric; 3 Electric.)

Evolution 1 => 2 => 3 - determines the formation of galactic nebulas - dark matter.
These three energy states which the photon goes through, from one energy extreme to the other and not viceversa, express the period of oscillation of the universe, of tens of billions of years.
1) Photon. The essential property is the propagation in space, with space and temporal dimensions, characteristic to the electromagnetic spectrum. Electric polarity appears and disappears with each alternation, it does not have a vibratory stability, thus no mass properties and is indistinct from the magnetic hypostasis. We can say that the photon is a magnetic oscillator - pure kinetic energy. "The carried temperature" is concentrated directly proportional with the frequency. It is the explanation of its amazing properties: reflection; refraction; induction (communications, photoelectricity); associations and dissociations of atomic structures (photosynthesis, lasers) etc.
2) Electromagnetic nucleon It is an oscillator. It oscillates kinetic and potential energy (heat and cold). It has polarities, thus attraction and repulsion forces, making stable links.
3) Electric nucleon It is pure potential energy; It has the smallest possible dimension; Is polarities are completely closed (superconductor rings); It is inert, it does not have forces; It is a hypostasis of fluen, like electricity and magnetism! While the photon conserves the extreme of heat, the electric nucleon conserves the extreme of cold.
Evolution 3 => 2 => 1 - forms stellar bodies and galaxies. In the nebula kinetic energy increases, from the cold gas (3) the hot gas is formed (2), the mixture generates gas bubbles having as separating membranes structures of the hot gas (2) which insulates and preserves the cold gas (3) trapped inside, constituting new entities - protoelements. The protoelements in continuous fragmentation and instability, form the elements.

1 => 2 => 3 - Freezing
3 => 2 => 1 - Defreezing

How the photon... defrosts: The atom, a membrane of electromagnetic nucleons, conserves infinitely the “capture” of electric nucleons – the nucleus. The magnetism of the membrane confines ideally the cold nucleon. When the membrane is penetrated by exterior kinetic energy, as is the case of the very heavy atom, an electric nucleon comes into vibration. The expansion begins with the most penetrating radiations and ends with the state of equilibrium – electromagnetic nucleon. There was an explosion (it defrosted). There is radioactivity. The sun “melts”!

Nuclear energy. The super-conductivity of the rings of electric nucleon makes me think about the experiments of Kamerlingh Onnes. The rings, fluen held rigid by he circular closed electrical forces, have the kinetic state absolute zero, don't have connection forces (polarities), therefore don't have a heavy mass. They are pure potential energy. I am wondering how it is described this state of energy, the famous relation of Einstein E = mc2? takes form Ep = mc0? Meaning Ep = m! Then c2 represents the kinetic state of the energy, of the fluen and E = Ep*Ec! But, Schrodinger showed in 1926 that E = Ep + Ec! We talk now about the energy of electrical nucleon. The potential energy (rings) don't add their kinetic energy, but it is distinguished, transforms, like Lavoisier says, enters into oscillations, generating photons. The cause of transformation is the huge difference, between the electrical tightening of the fluen into rings, taking at OK also the liberty of oscillation, when the tightening is destroyed, between OK and the millions of K. This is the nuclear energy. Note that the electricity issues the spectrum of radiations.          

Nucleon parameters. The electric nucleon is a "blocked" oscillator and has the smallest size. Entering in oscillations, the nucleon dilates spontaneously, to the stage of stable electromagnetic nucleon, sequence in which it emits photons with consequently lower frequences and energies (with the emitter's parameters). It results: 1) The moment parameters of the nucleon can be read directly in the electromagnetic spectrum; 2) The electric nucleon and the "electric photon" are the extremes of kinetic energy (m, distends between extremes with c2!!!); 3) The "sequence" scatters the membrane of the atom.